Wednesday, February 12, 2020

#SpareARose 2020 & A DOC Valentine
The following #SpareARose Valentine's Day poem was originally published here on the blog in 2013 (I've updated & republished the poem because it makes me smile,) the first year of #SpareARose
Seven years later - I'm proud that our amazing DOC continues to help spare roses and save thousands of children living with diabetes - providing them with our life-saving elixir of life, insulin. 
Insulin they wouldn't have access to otherwise. 

Follow the steps and click on the link above, and learn how for the cost of one rose this Valentine's Day, you can #SpareARose and can provide one month's worth of life-saving insulin to a child who desperately needs it!! 


fyi: The cute little redhead in the pic is my niece Tess, circa the mid-1990s!

Dearest DOC- 
You make me smile, you make laugh - you understand my occasional need for time-In-Range charts and graphs. 

You tell me "I will" and "I can," whenever I have doubts - 
You answer my diabetes questions - even the ones about Brussels sprouts.

You see the best in me - even when I can't.

 You listen with understanding whenever I go off on one of my "G*ddamn Diabetes Police/diabetes and the media's stupidity, rants.

You have been there for me on my darkest of days.

You've waited patiently on the twitter with me during a high/low blood sugar haze. 

And hopefully - I've been there for you in some small way - 

Even if it's just making you smile on a particularly craptastical day. 

Together we move mountains - Alone we trudge up hills. 

Together we help others living with diabetes, both online and off...

And unfortunately, the only thing I can think of that rhymes with "off" in terms of the next Hasselhoff. 
And now you can never, ever unsee this.  
So I'm done with prose - I've mostly run out of rhyme. 
I love you all so very much and thanks for your time. 

One last thing before I go - please darling DOC don't forget to #sparearose - As in Spare a rose, save a child living with diabetes in a faraway place, 
where insulin isn't readily available and many hearts break. 

Damn straight 5 bucks goes a hell of a long way, to save a child with diabetes this Saint Valentine's Day~ 
Xoxoxoxo k2~

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  1. All done, Sheryl and I did our normal thing. $1.00 for each year of marriage plus $1.00 to grow on. This year $43.00. Oh the sweetness of knowing what your valentine day gift is, have it bought and know it will always be appreciated.