Sunday, April 21, 2024

It's Been A Minute

Hey there DOC peeps  - it's been a minute. Ok, it's been millions of minutes  - and I'm sorry about that. 

I've missed you DOC, SO MUCH. I'm sorry for mostly lurking for these millions of minutes. Life hit the fan post Covid, life wise, job wise, burnout in all dimensions wise.  

I started a job outside advocating that wasn't for me - after 14 months, we parted ways this past February. Timing wise, I lost my oldest sister with diabetes the day before my initial interview in 2022, her husband passed this past October. I'll share what happened to my sister in another post - her story deserves it's own post - actually, more than 1 post. 

I tore my planter fascia medial band in half on my Diaversary this past October and It hurt like hell. 

I DO NOT RECOMMEND. Was on crutches for the first 6 weeks, followed by PT, plus another week of crutches due to Turf Toe, stage 1 (thanks to rain-boots lacking support and a puckered sidewalk, causing my big toe to hyper-extend on the same planter fascia  foot,) the week before Easter.

Then a pinched nerve made an appearance on the same foot.

Continue to heal and my foot-ware currently alternates between Hoka’s and recovery clogs.  It's been a process. 

A lot of 4 steps forward, 2 steps back - which is exactly what the doctor told me the recovery would be like back in October.

What has all of the above taught me? Oh hey, thanks for asking. 

1. Life can change in a minute and holding on to your resilience isn't easy - it's fucking hard and takes work - no matter what aspect of your life you find yourself requiring resilience in. 

There are times when standing back up takes everything you have - especially when all you want to do is put the covers over your head and stay in bed. No matter how many times we stumble and fall, getting back up is key.

2. No matter how many people you lose in your life, losing them hurts. Even if your relationship was no longer what it once was…or what you wished it could have been.

3. Continually remind yourself of the good qualities that you possess, OFTEN. Recognize them. Celebrate them. Celebrate yourself.

4. Burnout is real. Diabetes burnout is real. Burnout in all dimensions is real. When it rains it pours and sometimes multiple types of burnout can hit at the same time. 

5.The diabetes online community is a constant beacon, a light that illuminates - even when you have to take a step back for a while - it's always there - igniting the way forward...and home - and reigniting your advocacy spark.  


  1. I’m so sorry for your losses over the past few years, and your physical pain. Life can be so hard, especially when it hits you in multiple fronts. I’m feeling immense life-burnout (not diabetes burnout per se, although complications and fear obviously play a part.) I just take it day by day, am grateful to wake up every morning, and exceedingly grateful that my child is still here too when they tried so hard not to be. Every day is a challenge on multiple fronts, but focusing on the blessings is so important in order to keep fighting. Sending you huge hugs, dear Kelly, and wishes for healing, and more days where you can feel the blessings more than the pain. 🩷

  2. Welcome back, friend 🫂

  3. Welcome back. Hope the coming months bring better healing in all dimensions.

  4. We are so glad to have you back. We missed you. I hope the foot is better, having hd that ebfore I know how painful it is. Ouch !!