Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ok... You know your a Diabetic when......

You know your a diabetic you inadvertently cut your finger and instead of saying "ouch, or damn" you response is,"Wow, that's a great drop of blood, where are my test strips and meter!"

You know your a Diabetic when a family member asks "how's it going?" And you respond. "Great my blood sugars have been like 110 and my A1C is 6!"

You know your a Diabetic when you look at the initials B.S. and think Blood Sugar, not Bull Shit.

You know your a Diabetic when you enter a party and immediately scope out where the food is, instead of looking to see if you know anyone.

You know your a Diabetic when you get really angry at someone (usually a stranger) who says:
"Oh, your take insulin and or wear an insulin pump? You must got the betes real bad!"
I swear I just want to punch that person!

You know your a Diabetic when your favorite foods are not just based on taste, but on carb count as well.

For example, I've loved strawberries since I was a kid. And not just because of the taste either, although that had a lot to do with it. I also loved strawberries because I could eat a whole cup of them, at least according to the ADA diet. I also refused to eat grapes when I was little because I could not fathom only eating 12. My reasoning as an 8 year old was, who eats only 12 grapes? forget about it!

Theres plenty more in my head, but I have to save them for another blog entry.

Please post your "You know your a diabetic when..." and we can start a whole Diabetesaliciousness section on it!

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