Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stylish & Functional: Adorn Designs Clutch Review & Holiday Giveaway!

I love things that make my life and my life with diabetes easier. 

I also love stylish, sleek and pleasing to the eye things - And I love the opportunity to give my blog readers the opportunity to win something that's all of the above. :) 
Adorn Designs Elite Collection Clutch In Imperial Yellow Diabetes Supply Bag, out of
the box and in its original wrapping.
Dimensions:10 inches long, 6.5 inches deep & 5.1 inches thick.
Cotton Canvas - Machine washable and super easy to spot clean.
Just before the summer started, I was contacted by  Lee Ann from Adorn Designs, a Denver based company that manufactures “High-Style/Low-Profile” designer bags for PWDs to carry their diabetes supplies. Adorn Designs line includes; clutches, insulin/meter cases, messengers bags & handbags! 
LeeAnn wanted to know if I was interested in reviewing their product.
I was!
WHY? Because I like bags that are stylish, functional and keep me organized. 
And if that bag will do all of the above regarding my diabetes supplies, I like it even better! 
So I picked out a bag and used it daily. And by “used it daily,” I mean I traveled with it on a plane, in my car and on my person on a daily basis.

I chose a clutch from Adorn's Elite Collection in Imperial Yellow that retails  for $35.   
I LOVE the color yellow and love the idea of clutch, but I never carry a clutch because I can never find one that will fit all my D supplies!  
Adorn's Elite clutch was large and really sleek, not bulky. I could fit it in my carry-on, my computer bag or carry it alone as my clutch for the evening
I lOVED that the outside is water proof (and iced tea/coffee proof/ wine proof,) and that all I had to do was wipe off any spill or blood from the exterior with a damp paper towel. 
*A huge plus: I could view all my D supplies out without out actually taking them out of the bag and that feature really came in handy while sitting (and by sitting I mean CRAMMED) in my seat on flight to California this past October. 
I just reached into my bag for the clutch, put it on the tray table and opened it, grabbed what I needed and did what I had to do.  
Everything diabetes (and non D related) at a glance - And after being
spot cleaned! 
There’s lots zippered compartments for diabetes supplies in the clutch, but it also allowed me to have space non d items like my favorite lip gloss, a mirror and comb &  
a compartment where I could keep my money/receipts organized when I traveled. 

The clutch also fit easily into my beach cooler and I was able to put a frio in it, no problem! 
For weekend trips to friends in other states, the Adorns clutch was key. 
I put all my D supplies in that clutch and threw it in my black over night bag. The Imperial Yellow color made it easy to find in a black lined bag.  
Also: Regarding the interior. I did manage to have blood spatter drop pattern, that was CSI worthy while I was traveling. 
I waited a good month (I’d love to say I was SUPER BUSY, I kind of was, but I was also being really lazy,) before I put a little SHOUT on tooth brush, scrubbed and rinsed under cold water. It took all of 5 minutes to remove the spots and I wish all my laundry was that easy to clean.

Bottom line: I LOVE my Adorn Elite Clutch in Imperial Yellow - I really do! 
It’s functional and beautiful and id defies Murphy’s Law when it comes to diabetes and blood letting.
Also, I used it as actual clutch a few times (wish it had a wristlet so I could swing it around my wrist :and non PWDs were like: I LOVE YOUR BAG and I was like: THANKS, ME TOO! 
And it was wonderful to go out with smart looking clutch sans the worry of “where will I put all my diabetes crap!” 

Now for the giveaway part of this post: You guys have a chance to win an Adorn Clutch!

Here's How: Leave comment saying why like to win one. 

If You’re A Dude: No worries, you can choose from one these fine cases!

Who Can Enter: Anyone with diabetes or who loves someone with diabetes.

RULES: The Adorn winner will be announced on Monday morning, December 22nd, which means you have until Midnight Sunday the 21st to leave a comment. 
And please, if you leave a comment under “Anonymous” or under your Google+  account, make sure you leave your email address. If you win and I can’t contact you - The Adorn bag goes to someone else. 

Bonus: Even if you don't win, you can still get 15% off your Adorn Designs purchase by entering 15off at checkout - So you everybody wins!

All comments are approved before published. 
Winner chosen by
My Carry-On Bag at a glance. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Yesterday's Wild Blood Sugar Ride From Hell.

As you can see from yesterday's Diabetesalicious Facebook status, late Saturday evening into Sunday afternoon involved a rarely occurring and out of the blue blood sugar ride from hell, a test in patience and a few reminders along the way. 
Sometimes wild blood sugar rides come out of the blue and can take you forever to extricate yourself from. 
Said BG ride from hell leaves you with a continually filling bladder that refuses to empty, small ketones and a long sleepless night that leaves resembling a character out of the Zombie flick. 
Except you don't want or need to eat brains, you want, need and require sleep and the ability to eat your breakfast without fearing ketones and blood sugars in the mid 260s.
And you NEED COFFEE. So against your better judgement, you bolus for and drink a small cup around 9 a.m., so you won't go completely off the deep-end. And regardless of the high blood sugars, you're glad you did. 
You find that you've entered a weirdly Zen state, where you've completely detached yourself from the infuriating numbers on the screen in order to stay calm and conquer them. And because you live by yourself, you're really glad for that weird Zen thing happening and embrace it, because you're afraid of what will happen if you don't.
 And finally, you win.
You feel like you've gone 12 rounds with the devil and fell down a lot. But you crawled back up and you finally won. 
but instead of doing a victory dance around the ring, you circle back to the kitchen, bolus for and eat a slice of toast with peanut butter and then crawl into bed and take nap at 3 pm. 
And as you drift off to sleep, you try not to think about the four infusion sets you went through during the ride and focus on directing thanks to the fact that the blood sugar ride from hell happened on a Saturday night into Sunday, instead of during the week. 
And you're incredibly thankful to be off that fucking ride and vow never go back on it again..... but of course, eventually you will... and you know that. 
And you'll handle it, because you don't have a choice not to. 

The Winner of Friday's KINDSnacks Giveaway is Abby Travis.
Congrats Abby, I'll be sending you an email today to get your shipping address!
And if you didn't win, thanks for entering and keep trying - There are new giveaways on the way!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Today's Giveaway: KIND, Gluten-Free & Super Delicious~

The 5 winners of Wednesday's Medtronic's Lenny The Lion Plush Pump Case, giveaways are: 
Brittany Byrd
Kimberly Schuld
Amy Bozza
Rachael Saunders
Tamara Moyer

Congratulations and PLEASE email me, ASAP at with your mailing addresses. 
If I don't hear from you by Sunday evening your prize will go to someone else.
Today's Giveaways is all about being KIND & DELICIOUS
photo courtesy of KINDSnacks Facebook page.
Today's giveaway is KIND, gluten-free, delicious and in my experience, super easy to bolus for! 
Today's giveaway is 16 delicious, gluten free KINDSnacks bars from KINDSnacks "Nuts & Spices" collection and includes the following SUPER DELICIOUS flavors: 

Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan 
Madagascar Vanilla Almond 
Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt 
Cashew & Ginger Spice 
Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt 
Dark Chocolate Chili Almond 
Caramel Almond & Sea Salt 
Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond

Why I'm a fan of KIND bars: As I mentioned above, the bars are super delicious, gluten-free, low in carbs and I've found them to be incredibly easy to bolus for. 
Also, they travel well - And that's important when it comes to snacks, traveling and working out - At least for me. 
How To Enter: Easy. Leave a comment as to why you'd like to win those 16 delicious KIND bar and please, MAKE SURE that if your signing in under "Anonymous," you leave me your name and email address. Because even if picks you as the winner, you won't win if I don't have your contact info. 

Deadline: I'll announce the winner on Monday Morning so you the weekend to leave a comment. 

The winner will be chosen by

Thursday, December 11, 2014

During The Holidays People With Diabetes Will Be Judged - Lets Not Judge One Another~

You know that "thing" that happens with your Facebook feed where it changes in the instant and you read a post for only a split of a second, but REALLY wanted to read/comment on? 
Yeah, that thing happened to me a couple of days ago. 
I'd just clicked on my Facebook tab and noticed a status ( and for the life of me I don't who posted or if it was in a group,) blaming other PWDs for not taking care themselves and developing ketoacidoses, and referring to those who develop Ketoacidosis as being irresponsible.   
I didn't agree. 
Just as I was about to click on the link and share my thoughts on the subject, FaceBook changed my feed to a all new statuses and no matter how far I scrolled down, I couldn't find the status that made my heart hurt and blood simmer. 

I've been marinating on that status a lot and here's how I would have responded to the status if I hadn't lost the chance. 
First: let's stop blaming one another for not being perfect re: their diabetes management, developing ketoacidoses or complications. Your diabetes may vary and everyone can have a challenging diabetes moment/day/month/year.   

Second: Ketoacidoses can happen happen quickly and unexpectedly and even when you're doing everything right. You could develop ketoacidoses because you're sick/getting sick; you could have miscalculated bolusing for a meal, your infusion site might have stopped working, your insulin could have gone bad or you might have been disconnected from your pump for to long, or 100 other scenarios that have nothing to do with being irresponsible.
And just maybe irresponsibility did come into play - but who are you to assume and judge what's going on in someone else's head. 
Lets stop pointing fingers and blaming one anther for being anything less than perfect when it comes to diabetes. 
On a personal note: I was hospitalized twice in college with ketoacidoses because of the flu and both experiences were HORRIBLE. 
3 weeks ago I had unexpected pale pink ketones and was only in the low 200s. 
I had no idea as to why or how I'd come to the point of ketones, but there I was, dealing with ketones. 
I felt terrible, and not because of the ketones spilling into my system - I felt terrible because I WAS spilling ketones. I FELT LIKE A FAILURE. 

Shit happens in life, and life with diabetes. 

Diabetes is hard and we are continually being judged by people and the media who don't understand what it's like to live with diabetes, we don't need it from people who do.
Shaming patients with diabetes doesn't work when a healthcare professional is the one doing it and it won't work when we do it to another in our tribe. 
One of the insidious things about diabetes is that it can turn on a dime and just when we think everything is smooth sailing. 
So if you see someone struggling or in need of help, help them navigate the diabetes waters so they can find and be open to receiving that help.
In this season of giving and 'good will towards man', don't forget to include your fellow PWDs, because there but for the grace of diabetes go I, everyone makes mistakes, every one needs help and we are in this together. 

Extend a helping hand and offer up kind words of encouragement when it comes to dealing with diabetes and those struggling with their diabetes. 

After 37 years of living with diabetes, I've learned from experience that at one time or another, there will indeed be a time when you will be the in need of massive doses of both. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Giveaway: 5 Lenny The Lion Plush & Pump Carrying Cases

Today's the first in a series of blog giveaways that I mentioned last week and I'm really excited! 
I LOVE giving gifts because it makes me happy - And today's giveaway fits the happy bill for sure! 

Lenny The Lion is Medtronic's official ambassador for children with diabetes and
he's awesome!
Why I love Lenny: Because he's super cute and functional and if I was little, I'd snuggle up to Lenny when it was time to take a nap or go to sleep.
I know he'd be a great friend and make me feel safe and there's a good chance that I'd tell him all my secrets and tuck my insulin pump and tubing, all snug as bug in his secret zippered pouch~ 
How to Enter: Super easy. You have from now until Friday December 12th to leave a comment saying why you'd like to win a Lenny The Lion pump carrying case. 
I'll announce the 5 winners on Friday afternoon on the blog and the Diabetesaliciousness FaceBook Page
Who Can Enter: Anyone living with diabetes or who loves someone with diabetes.
Important Info: Make sure that you check back on Friday to see if you win, because if you are winner, I'm going to need you to email me your mailing address so we can get your Lenny out to you, ASAP. 
PLEASE: If you leave a comment under "Anonymous," make sure you include your name & email address in the comment so if you do win, I can contact you. 
If I don't hear back from you by Monday, December 15th, your prize will be forfeited to someone else - And don't want to do that.  

All winners will be picked by 

Lenny the Lion, Plush Pump carrying case/best buddy, front view.
Lenny's back view~

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Take 5, Pick Your Battles & Cut Yourself Some Slack ~

The other night just as I was about to start my car, something made me check inside my handbag to make sure I'd brought my phone with me. 
And I did. 
But when I was looking for my phone, I realized I didn’t have a spare infusion set in my bag. I ALWAYS keep an extra infusion set in both my handbag and my car. ALWAYS.
But I’d used the one in my car the week before when I needed to do a site change kept forgetting to replace it. And for some weird reason, the one I thought I’d put in my handbag was nowhere to be found. 
I was already 15 minutes late to meet my friends for dinner and was slightly hungry, 
but I didn’t have a choice, because I don't feel comfortable not having a spare infusion set with me.
Also: I don't always carry backup insulin and a syringe with me - Especially when I'm going to a restaurant that's 10 minutes away, so I needed the extra set. 
I grabbed my bag, got out of the car and went back into the house and swiped two spare infusion sets from my D-stash and threw them in my handbag. 
When I got back to my car, I placed one of the sets in the side pocket of the driver side seat. 

All of the above only took me 5 minutes. 

5 minutes is nothing in the grand scheme of things. 

And You know what? I know that. 
I know that 5 minutes is NOTHING when it comes to little things like grabbing backup D supplies if you need it - But I was really made at myself for not prepared.

I also know that 5 minutes is EVERYTHING when it comes to the big stuff, like waiting for your blood sugar to crawl back up from a 45 low.
And 5 minutes is a fucking eternity when you're waiting for the Doctor to walk down the hall and into the ICU to tell you what he saw or didn't see on your mom's brain scan.

So I needed to get over it.  
And that's exactly what I did. I started my car, put on some tunes and headed towards the restaurant - I even found Jackpot parking. 
And I had great time with wonderful friends and we laughed until we cried. 

And for the record: my infusion site that I'd been wearing the since the day before worked perfectly~

Friday, December 5, 2014

Diabetes Forces Us To Try New Things When It Comes To Managing Our Diabetes - And That's A Good Thing~

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney
Here’s the thing about living with diabetes. You're always learning new things about yourself and your diabetes - That never stops, whether you’ve lived with diabetes for 37 years or 37 months - And that’s actually a very good thing. 
I'm so grateful for the changes in diabetes medicine, technology and attitudes these past 37 years  - And I will fight tooth and nail to never go back to the Diabetes Dark Ages.
I can't even imagine managing my diabetes the same I did when I was first diagnosed 37 years ago - And I probably wouldn't be here if things had never changed - Or if my parents and I hadn't been open and receptive to those diabetes changes.
Now yes, sometimes exploring and trying new D management changes can be incredibly annoying and frustrating, for sure - because we all have our comfort zones - And our diabetes comfort zones & changing things up can sometimes make you want to throw your diabetes crap out the window and scream bloody murder.... or so I've heard. (COUGH, COUGH.)
But the fact that diabetes sometimes forces me/us out of our comfort zones (Yep, I had a slight freakout before I started the insulin pump,) and forces us to try, learn and adapt to new ways in our dealing with diabetes makes it easier for me/us to learn, adapt and try new things in other areas of our life. 
Look, I still have issues with change - especially big changes, like figuring out where I want to move and "going for it." But I'm really working on making those become a reality instead of just talking about it.
 I LOVE to try new things, except for foods made with liver and skydiving because the thought of jumping out of a plane FREAKS ME OUT. 
But HUGE kudos to our amazing Aussie DOC friend, Renza over at Diabetogenic for jumping out of a plane last weekend! 

I’m also open to and need change in my life, especially when it's positive. I love to travel and meet new people and try new experiences - even when the results aren't always fantastical. 
Because knowing what doesn't work in our lives and our lives with diabetes is just as important as figuring out what does.
Sidebar: I still haven’t attempted the boob infusion site and I’m not sure if I ever will, but I haven’t completely ruled it out either. So there's that~

So why what’s the purpose of this post: There are several. 
First: I recently tried something completely different re: bolusing for breakfast and it’s working for me! 
So much so that I’m blogging about it. 
Now, everybody is different  (your diabetes may vary, ;) but my new breakfast bolus regiment is working for me. The past couple weeks I've started blousing for my coffee first and bolusing for the carbs in my breakfast smoothie 30 minutes later. 
I get up, check my blood sugar, bolus for (18 carbs - I like my coffee with cream and sugar) and make my coffee. I gulp down the first mug in 4 minutes flat, prepare the second, hit in the shower and get dressed. 
This all takes about 30 minutes.
Then I bolus for my breakfast smoothie (anywhere between 18 & 22 carbs, depending on the ingredients) and make/drink it. I’ve found that by bolusing separately for each, my post breakfast/mid morning blood sugars are much better. 
They’re not always perfect, but for the most part, my mid morning blood sugars stay well within range and that really makes me happy because for the longest time, my midmorning blood sugars have flipped their bitchwitch in both directions.  
Of course now that I’ve shared, Murphy's Law, D style might indeed decide to throw a wrench in my new breakfast bolus routine, but I can handle it and I will figure it out. Because life with D MAKES us figure “it” out.  

Secondly, but no less important: I want to learn and become inspired by other peoples experiences about trying new things when it comes to their (YOUR) diabetes management. 

So if you’ve tried anything new when it comes to dealing with your diabetes, feel free to share and regardless of the results - because either way, we'll all learn from what you have to say  be inspired by your brave attempt~