Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Embrace The Daffodils

Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold,
Through the brown mould
Although the March breeze blew keen on her face,
Although the white snow lay in many a place.
Anne Bartlett Warner- Daffy-Down -Dilly

in time of daffodils (who know the goal of living is to grow)
forgetting why,remember how.
e.e. cummings In time of Daffodils~

****Pictures of daffodils are courtesy of my mother's garden.

Daffodils make me happy for a multitude of reasons.
Daffodils remind me of my mother because they are sunny and bright, strong and sturdy, and to be honest, every single time I see daffodils, I smile and feel all types of glad.
Daffodils give me hope, they always have- since I was a little girl. During the horrific winter that was 2010, I felt hope when I saw daffodils starting to peak out through the snow. These gorgeous flowers that seem so delicate, are deceptively strong and incredibly resilient.
They refuse to shrink back when times get tough. They make their tenacity known regardless of the elements and remind us on the dankest of days that spring is just around the corner.
Daffodils don’t disappoint- that return every single season. Some seasons are more successful than others- just like life. Some years the bulbs flower like crazy, while other years there are more stalks than actual flowers (due to the fact that the bulbs are getting crowded & need to regroup, just like us) but they always return.

I think that PWDs (people with diabetes) are like daffodils.

Some folks think that we are delicate, but we are deceptively strong.
We have a tough interior and an amazingly beautiful exterior.

And like daffodils, PWDs make me smile….and give me hope.
So I say, embrace the daffodil ~


Cara said...

You've made me smile this morning! :) It's spring! And I love daffodils. :)

Stacey D. said...

What a lovely metaphor! We are daffodils ... I like it :)

Unknown said...

I didn't wake up today thinking I could be inspired by daffodils, but once again Kelly you've shown anything is possible. Your flower-sense is right on, and I applaud you for sharing that optimism in such a way as to influence others. Thank you.

meanderings said...

I am sooo jealous. Mine have buds but - no blooms yet.
Love thinking of myself as a daffodil!

Minnesota Nice said...

In parts of Asia, they are considered the "flower of the warrior" because their leaves are shaped like a sword........

Scott K. Johnson said...

K2, this might be one of my absolutely favorite posts of all time. :-)

Cathy DeVreeze said...

You make me smile! You instantly brightened my day. Thanks for the daffodils