Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Children Of The Corn Syrup - Bitching about The High Fructose Corn Syrup Conspiricy

It's been a crazy week, but I'm back in the diabetes saddle again.

Like most of us, I'm running around like a nut, trying to finish up (OK, start) my Christmas shopping, and prepare myself for the end of 2007. I've been walking all over Philadelphia, hitting the shops, standing in line, and being forced to watch and observe peoples behavior.

I've noticed a few things.

1. People are stressed - That's a no brainer, it is after all, the season to be jolly - which in actually means most people are on the verge of being miserable.

2. People are worrying about everything. Money, lines, work, Christmas gifts that still need to be bought and last years New Years resolutions that were never achieved. Holiday cards that have yet to be sent, and Christmas bonuses that have already been spent before actually being received.

3. People are eating crap and using food like a crutch. They stand in lines munching on chocolate bars or cookies, then they run off to the food court as a reward for spending money they don't have, for gifts that the recipient doesn't actually need. As tempers get higher our need for ingesting crap gets stronger. Most don't realize that the high High Fructose Corn Syrup in the food that they are downing is contributing to their stress, anger, and weight issues that are overtaking the U.S..

H.F.C.S is a killer and is one of the main contributors to the epidemic that is Type 2 Diabetes.
In 2007, it seems like more children are being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, than type 1.
We can't just point the finger at parents, most aren't even aware thatH.F.C.S is in almost everything, including salad dressing and tooth paste.
We need to point our HFCS soaked fingers at both the food manufacturers and our government, who have allowed the Corn conglomerate to infiltrate our country for the past 40 + years.

Over the past 8 or so years, as my friends have married off and started to reproduce, they've asked me questions regarding Diabetes and Children. I've explained that type 1 is genetic (I've gone into more detail on the blog site - see Halle Barry Postings,) and explained the warning signs. I also explain that type 2 is metabolic and that there are steps they can take in preventing the disease.

First and foremost, parents need to read labels on the food that they buy for their family.
HFCS is in the first 7 ingredients, don't buy that item, PERIOD. It will be difficult and expensive, but it will save you and your family from obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

Your kids want cookies -no problem. Buy the "Newman's Own" brand or other products that pitch healthy, whole food ingredients and ditch those that use HFCS as flavoring. We weren't designed to ingest the stuff, it's much more difficult for our bodies to breakdown, and packs a serious punch in the gut, both literally and figuratively.

Much like life, it's all about the choices we make. For instance, I have a friend who drives a new Range Rover; has a personal trainer, and gets restalin shots on a monthly basis. When I explained the"Corn Syrup Conspiracy to her and pointed out how Americans, both young and old are being damaged, she wanted to know what she could do. When I explained that eating foods with natural foods could "fix" what HFCS has broken.

The only thing she could focus on was the cost of purchasing an all natural cookie."Those brands are expensive," she stated as she fiddled with her David Yurman watch. At that point I was ready to beat some sense into her and wrap that watch around her neck. Instead, I told her to put her priorities priorities in order; trade in her car in for a Honda, ditch the restilin shots and get a clue. If people who can't afford a Range Rover let alone a car can read labels and cut back on the HFCS intake, she certainly could.

Say no to products with corn syrup and yes to those without. Demand that food manufacturers take the steps to make changes in our nations diets and write your congress person to force these changes in our government.

Lastly, go see the Movie "King Corn" and prepare to be shocked and educated. I've added the trailers and a link to the movies website and blog in the Diabetes Ditties" section. Please take a look!

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