Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Diabetes math when it comes to my RX bills, OR "I will work for insulin!"

So I was on the phone with my insurance company this morning trying to figure out why they won't let me order my insulin from a medical warehouse in 3 month quantities, like I do with my pump and blood testing supplies. By doing that, they would cover 80% of my insulin as a opposed to the mere 40% they cover for monthly non-generic Rx's.

I asked my insurance rep why they would cover 80% of my pump supplies and not my insulin when in actuality I wouldn't need my insulin pump if I didn't require insulin on a daily basis. Are you following? She had no real answer for me - besides the fact that those were the rules of my policy.

Let me just share the fact that I am charged $124.00 for two bottles of insulin per month - out of pocket -sometimes more, depending upon how generous they are feeling. I'm reimbursed $49.50. At this rate, my credit card will never see a zero balance.

I explained the math to her and asked her if she thought that was fair. To my surprise, she said no. I have to give her street cred for being honest. But anyway you look at it, Diabetes Math still sucks.

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