Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who didn't know that traveling with Diabetes is a bitch?? But at least now we've got a CNN Vid to back us up!!!

Everyone of us out here in "Diabetes Land" knows that traveling with Diabetes can be a challenge.....Ok it's a bitch.

Technically, we should at least be allowed an extra carry-on for all of our Diabetes crap we have to lug around.
We need our pump and the insulin to put in it; our pump supplies,batteries, test strips, our blood sugar machine, ice packs for the insulin, RX's for all our meds, and backups of absolutely everything I've just mentioned. We also need to bring extra food for the plane, train, boat, and or automobile that will take us to our vacation destination.

Mentally, we have to prepare ourselves to deal with the mess that is airport security, and in the back of our minds, we always have the fear that someone (I'm not pointing fingers here, BUT they usually operate the x-ray machine) will want to take away our Diabetes accoutrement. Or worse - they feel the need to say, "You must have Diabetes real bad to take insulin. My Grand-Ma has Diabetes and she lost three toes! Have a nice day!" Thanks Trixie, that's just the visual I needed.

Well, someone must have told the good folks at CNN about our "Diabetic Lament" and they actually did a little video segment on the subject. I would have shot it differently, but my style is a bit more Film Noir meets "Old School." But hey, I'm just happy that CNN is helping to spread the word. is a a bit ironic that the next story is about "Cookies helping kids with cancer," but that story is important to.

Anywho...Check-out the video link listed below.

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