Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Ghost In The Machine, Or Is It A Ghost Ate My Machine? Whatever, Who Cares, Where's My Damn Machine?

I'll admit it, sometimes I just get stupid - regardless of the blood sugar level.

Yesterday I was once again under the weather - trying to fight off whatever has been going around as of late. Wednesday was a roller coaster ride of blood sugars (something I'm not really used to) and I have to say, it got the best of me around 7 pm last night.

I was catching up with paper work, doing laundry, cleaning out my refrigerator (because today was trash day and something didn't smell quite right in there,) and taking mucho blood sugars to try and reach a normal level down so I could eat dinner.

Somehow, in all that activity - yours truly misplaced her B.S machine.

I looked everywhere and could not find it.

I tore the place apart. Over, under, and on the couch, between the cushions, on the table and counter tops, in the bed and bathroom, even in my walk-in closet. Nothing.

Finally, I eyed the trash I was about to take to the curb & remembered that I had just emptied out my fridge.
"YUCK.” I put on some rubber gloves and fished through coffee grinds and milk cartons. NA-DA.

It totally disappeared - A ghost in the machine, or is it a ghost ate my machine? whatever, who cares? Where's my damn machine?

Now usually, I have a backup B.S. machine - just in case. Because you never know and my motto is "Be Prepared." Of course my backup happened to be in Jersey at my mothers, on the bathroom sink. Exactly where I left it two weeks ago.

I was hungry, tired from a long day, and tired from battling those pesky highs that up until that point, had been by my side all day.

Now, next week I see my Endo, who would give me a few blood sugar machines no problem, but I needed one now.

I started to get upset. Upset that I didn't feel well, upset that my blood sugars had been high, and upset that in rushing to do a million things, I had somehow managed to lose something so important to my well being.

My eyes started to fill with tears of frustration. I try so hard to take care of myself and be well. Usually I'm upbeat and Diabetes is really just an everyday part of who I am.

But tonight I was just so exhausted...I wanted to eat, relax, and get some sleep. I had cut my hand on Saturday and had to get stitches. They hurt
(note to self, by an electric can-opener,) & I just wanted my life to be uncomplicated. "SNAP OUT OF IT KEL," I said out loud. "Find the funny. This is nothing but a minor inconvenience resulting from a very blond moment. This is totally fixable. Acknowledge it, get over it, and get on with it."

So I did. I put on my coat, jumped in my car, drove to the CVS and bought a hot pink One Touch Ultra Mini. Sleek, ultra thin, easy to use, and only $19.99. I also bought an electric can-opener.

15 minutes later I was back home, my blood sugar was damn near normal, and I was making some delicious spicy black beans with veggies and brown rice.

All was right with the world again and it could always be worse. ;)

2/1/08***UPDATE: found it! The sucker must have have slid off the couch and under the radiator behind the couch. I swear that things got a mind of its own or there really is a ghost in the machine!


Cara said...

Okay, I have to ask...did you ever find the meter????

k2 said...

Well,...I haven't really looked.
Part of me thinks it ended up in the garbage and part of me thinks it will pop up around my place when I least expect it. Right now I'm enjoying my One Touch Ultra Mini and my normal blood sugars that have returned since I bought it.

Coincidence or fact? You be the judge. ;)
Kelly K

Jeff said...

Hi Kelly.

Being without my meter makes me feel like Linus without his blanket. Every now and then I head to the grocery store and forget to take my test kit. It's such a feeling of vulnerability.

Sorry about your hand. I hope it's ok. How many stitches?

k2 said...

I hear ya Jeff. It really does become a clutch, albeit a clutch that we need to have and use on a daily basis. It's a necessary addiction that I cannot live without.

My hand is much better. 5 stitches that were removed this afternoon. Not quite 100%, but well on its way.
Just an everyday hazard when your a lefty living in a right handed world!
Kelly K

Scott K. Johnson said...


Great post. Way to pull yourself out of the "funk" and do what you needed to do in order to get through it.


k2 said...

Scott -
Yeah, I was like Funk this man!
Kelly K