Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged - And I'm Giving It A Diabetes Spin

It finally happened, I've been tagged. By Rick whose bog is called Fire Horse, & who found me on his brother - in-laws blog. I don't know who his brother in law is, but apparently he's
a Type 2.

I decided since my last post was so serious, I 'd lighten it up a bit and respond to the tag.
Some of the facts have a diabetes twist, keeping up with the Diabetesaliciousness of it all.

Here they are, 7 weird facts about yours truly:

1. I favor wearing my insulin pump on my right side, even though I'm left handed.

2. I take my blood sugars by lancing myself sans the pen and just stick the lance in my finger.
I don't have times for pens and have enough crap to carry.

3. I hate handling raw chicken - freaks me out.

4. I can make a 3 leaf clover with my tongue - no lie.

5. I love peanut butter and consider it a food group - same goes for chocolate.

6. I barely like olives, but I absolutely love Olive Oil. Go figure?

7. In order to fall a sleep at night, I have to cover my face with the sheets. I don't know why,I just do.
When I called and asked my mother about it, she said that I'd been doing since I was in the crib.

Lovers and others have found it odd, yet very endearing.
I'm sure that psychologically, it means something, but I have absolutely no ideal what.

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Trée said...

My son considers Peanut Butter a food group too. :-)

k2 said...

Your son is on smart cookie!!!
Kelly K

Cara said...

I'm a lefty too! I knew there was a reason I liked you. :)
Just a side note: Amylia at amazinggrace/ is also a lefty.

k2 said...

Left Handed people are right minded!
We Rock!
Kelly K

Pearlsa said...

I always wear my pump on my right side too. I am right handed well I can pretty much write well with both I just refer the right hand.

Caro said...

I always wear my pump on the right as well, even when the infusion set is in my left arm/leg/side, I clip the pump itself to my right side. I always refer to myself as "right-pumped"!

As for your final fact, I have to have my ears covered when I go to sleep. Apparently I've been doing that since I was a baby too!

k2 said...

Caro -

Seems as if great minds think alike!!!
Kelly K

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great list Kelly! Thanks for the tag. I'll get a list posted as soon as I get my facts together.


No lancing device?! Man - you're hardcore!

k2 said...

lancing devices are for wusses!
Kelly K

k2 said...

Adjoa -
I refer to my right hand from time to time, but only write and flip pancakes with my left !
Kelly K