Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Still Wonder.....About Everything

Some days I wonder....

I wonder what it would be like
Not to have test my blood sugar,
Not to have to constantly count my carb intake,
Not to ever worry about Diabetic complications.

What would life be like to never have something attached and injected in my body on a daily basis in order to live?

Other days I wonder how the stars can shine so brightly.
Or how could I view a lunar eclipse well past midnight,
And somehow still not be tired the next day?

I always wonder why every wave is different....
Yet the same.

Waves remind me of home.
My childhood,
And my diabetes.

My diabetes is the same as yours -
But unique because it's mine.

For instance:
Pasta drives my blood sugar crazy -
So I do with out.
Ice cream I can navigate without much of a problem.
So indulge from time to time.
I can live without a big bowl of pasta,
I prefer ice cream anyway.

It's a strange thing,
But I never actually wondered why I got diabetes
Maybe I was to young when I was diagnosed to really understand.

It happened,
It couldn't be changed
And that was that.

Cathy, my only sister who doesn't have diabetes,
Always wondered why the rest of us got it and she didn't.

The only answer I had for her all these years....
Was that I was supposed to get it
And she wasn't.

I never really understood my answer,
But I still knew it to be true.

I just wasn't really sure why.

Then a few years ago, I started speaking and telling jokes regarding life with diabetes to patient groups and Diabetes organizations.

I realized that by making others laugh and learn because of my humor,
Not only helped them –

It helped me.

It was something I was supposed to do in & with my life.

And finally....My Diabetes answer made sense.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Great post K.

k2 said...

Thanks Scott -
I'm so happy that you enjoyed it.
It's how I feel.

Diane J Standiford said...

The only answer to the, "Why me? Why this?" questions will always be from the person who asks it. Only you could answer, and you have done so with style! Uh-hem, I tried to be a stand-up comedian...but since I can't stand up...ah-ha-ah-ha-ah-haaaa CHOOO!

k2 said...

Diane -

Glad u liked the post!

I think you'd make great comedianne - stand up or sit down - your pretty darn funny!

Kelly K