Friday, March 21, 2008

King Corn Screening / OR in Diabetesaliciousness Speak, CHILDREN OF THE HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP Either Way - Fantastic

OK -
The "King Corn" screening was really eye opening. I suggest that if it comes town near u, go and see it. It will be airing on various PBS stations, check your local PBS station for times and dates.

The Documentary follows 2 college buddies from Boston who go back to their roots (ironically, both of their grandfathers were from the same small town in Iowa,both families worked in the farming industry) and decide to grow an acre of corn,so they can find out what that acre eventually turned into and exactly where that acre would end up. The film also becomes a primer on the the whole corn industry. It turns out, they find out just how inundated we are as a nation with High Fructose Corn Syrup.

A few highlights:

Our generation is the first one in history that will not outlive our parents, all because of health related issues.

It's amazing to me that unless your beef is grass fed, it's stuffed with corn and antibiotics. Apparently, eating a constant diet of corn makes the cows get sick and causes a potentially deadly condition called Acidosis. The cows then need to be fed antibiotics in order to fight off the acidosis and stay alive. Sounds kind of familiar to us diabetics. Basically these cattle are forced into a ketoacidotic state. SO, if the world was reversed and we lived in some alternative universe where the cows were breeding humans for consumption, we diabetics would be considered PRIME , GRADE A, CHOICE MEAT. Interesting and disturbing on many levels.
As diabetics, ketoacidosis is a KILLER and can damage our kidneys. We are told to never, ever get to the point where we are in a kidacidotic state.

I'm not really a vegetarian, I was in the late 90's but now I just eat fish & stay away from red meat ( except for like once a year) due to health issues. Ironically, since there is such a corn surplus, farm raised salmon are now being fed with, you guessed it - CORN!

Next time I order Salmon - it will be wild.

And next time I get the craving for beef (which after viewing this film, I really don't see happening.) I'm making sure all my beef is grass fed.

The film also touches upon how corn (in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup) is in virtually everything we eat. It also goes into detail how the corn grown in the US is genetically engineered ( it's called yellow dent #2,) and is virtually inedible, unless it's melted down into High Fructose Corn Syrup. It's also fertilized with large amounts of ammonia. So now we are a nation whose chock full of corn, antibiotics, and ammonia.

1 acre of genetically engineered, ammonia fertilized Yellow Dent # 2 corn yields 10,000 bushels.
57,000 CANS OF SODA.

Today, if we were to have chemical carbon testing done on our hair, we'd find out that our bodies are are chemical makeup is 2/3 corn carbon.

Makes sense when u consider the fact that it's not not just in the food we eat, fyi - that plastic cd/dvd that you just purchased has a wrapper made from corn based plastic!

In 2004, 80.9 million acres of Yellow Dent #2 corn was planted in the United States.

The corn conglomerate is huge and is destroying the independent farmer. Farms that have been around for centuries are forced to work and eventually sell to corporate farms or risk foreclosure.

The filmmakers interviewed a Brooklyn cab driver who lost over 100 lbs just be giving up soda. He actually stated that he never realized how just giving up soda could positively affect his health. ALL OF THE BIG SODA COMPANIES USE HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP.

He was rencently diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic, h lost his parents to type 2 diabetes, and his sister is a T2 as well.

Th film interviews 2 New York dietitians who pretty much agree that High Fructose Corn Syrup has a lot to do with the increase of type 2 diabetes.

I learned a lot about our country, about our diet, and where we are headed as a nation.
Whether your a meat eater or a veg-head, diabetic - type 1, 2, or 3, this film will teach you more than u can imagine about what goes in our bodies and our children's unknowingly.


Here's a link to ABC - they have some audio and video interviews with the filmmakers. Curt Ellis & Ian Chaney.


Windy said...

You just successfully freaked me out. lol. It really IS in almost everything!! Ugh. And I don't see our nation changing much anytime soon with the political candidates that we have to chose from this election. Maybe I will up and move to France. They're all skinny.

Jeff said...

I'll keep my eyes and ears open, Kelly.

k2 said...

Windy -
Glad I freaked you out!
Don't up and move to France.
Instead, read labels, buy organic, call your congressman/woman regarding the failed farm bill, and be an active consumer!

k2 said...

Jeff -

You would totally get this film!

Colleen said...

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Naomi said...

Kelly, I'm tagging you!

k2 said...

Looks like I've been tagged!

Shannon said...

I eliminated everything with high fructose corn syrup in our house, amongst other items that have some gnarly ingredients, months ago.

I try to buy food that has as little ingredients and is minimally processed as possible. It's a work in progress.

Thanks for posting this!

k2 said...

Shannon -
Glad to hear that your on board!
Your absolutely right, eliminating HFCS is a work in progress, but it's great to hear that consumers are informed & doing the work!

teh4 said...

Very informative post - I am never eating farm raised salmon again. Good to see this issue is getting some attention - the FDA is saying all products with high fructose corn syrup cannot be labeled as natural.

k2 said...

teh4 -

Glad the post taught you someting ;)

How crazy is this whole HFCS epidemic!?
Thanks for the link. Glad to hear that the FDA thinks HFCS is unnatural, it's about time they started tackling this issue!

Sara from Team Sweetpea said...

Thanks for posting about this. I hadn't heard of this documentary and will definitely check it out - looks like my local station is still playing it.

If you haven't already read "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan, I think it's right up your alley!

k2 said...

Sara -
"Omnivore's Dilemma" is on my list. Your the 3rd person to recommend it to me, it's a sign!

The Doc is really interesting, and it certainly makes u think!
Thanks for checking out Diabetesaliciousness!