Monday, April 7, 2008

I Just Can't Seem To Get It Right Today......And I'm blaming Scotty J

I just can't seem to get it right today, Blood Sugar Nirvana was just not happening.

For the record, I blame Scott Johnson for my high blood sugar. Why? Because very soon after I read his High Blood Sugar post, my own went off the charts. Coincidence or fact? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Thanks Scotty, I owe you one.

Seriously though, I woke up low, like really low, like 42. My lips were numb and my limbs felt strangely detached from my body. I hate when this happens and really try and avoid the lows ALL COSTS.
Not only do I feel as if I've lost all control, but my life depends on getting said numbers back to normal.
I drank my juice and downed a bowl of the forbidden fruit - Special K cereal with strawberries. I even had a spoonful (or two) of peanut butter with honey and a swig of soy milk.

Over treating of course led to a mid day high.

I didn't eat lunch because at 292, lunch was just not an option and my head hurt something fierce. Ah...The joys of the blood sugar high and the headache and sluggishness off the chart numbers bring. Still, I had to plow through projects and focus on work.

I pushed through the day and drank some tea.
The stubborn B.S. lingered around 210 all afternoon, which caused my anxiety rise,
big time.

I changed my infusion set once, and increased my basal rate, TWICE.

I drank four 16 oz bottles of water and peed like a race horse.

Ketones were negative, so....I had that going for me.

At 4:25, I was 179 and at dinner I was 103.
Things looked and felt like everything was back to normal, FINALLY.

I must admit, dinner was pretty damn delicious. Partly due to my fabulous culinary skills that created a magnificent broccoli and Cheddar quiche, and party due to my non existent lunch, I was famished!

Current blood sugar 1.5 hours after my meal, 160.

Finally, all is right with my world.

Shit happens, and so does diabetes. Sometimes highs occur and the more we worry, the higher our blood sugar goes.
Sometimes there's a reason, and sometimes there isn't. Regardless of the cause, we have to monitor it and wait for our numbers to drop. The world doesn't stop just because our blood sugars decide to mess with our day. Clocks continue ticking, work needs to be finished, and deadlines must be met.

We have to regain control over our diabetes, no matter how long it takes.

Diabetes teaches us patience, whether we want to learn it or not.


Scott K. Johnson said...

See! I AM good at something! :-)

Glad you're feeling better.

I'm sorry to say that I've got a few more "high bg" posts cooking, then I'll be done with them for a while.

Donna said...

Those high BGs can really wipe you out, can't they? But you're right; the world doesn't stop for them. Gotta keep chugging along...

Diane J Standiford said...

Glad all's number fine. Doggone that Scott! MS has the same:coulda ben this; coulda been that; oh, who cares I'm OK now. LOL Life--hard to live with it, but CAN'T live without iT!

Anonymous said...

I hope your BG is back under control and STAYS under control today, Kelly.

Naomi said...

Should I blame Scott for Daniel's numbers being off the charts yesterday and into this morning for no apparent reason? Sheesh...

k2 said...

Scott -
You are wonderfully talented in many areas, including causing my B.S to raise! - Joking of course!
You Rock SKJ!

Donna -
Ahhhh,....Wipe Out!
Yes, the dreaded highs can lead to a tired state, but life still goes on, and, we gotta keep chugging!

Diane -
Your Right, hard to live with at times, and impossible to live without...For now.

Jeff -
Numbers are very good today. Yesterday was just one of those crazy days that happens every once in while. Thank God it's not the norm in my world.

Naomi -
Yes, by all means, blame SKJ for Daniel's off the chart numbers.
I think that the diabetes community as a whole, should blame all future crazy B.S. numbers on the incorrigible Scotty J! ;)


BetterCell said...

Hi Kelley........
An 8oz OJ and 1T Honey(26g + 17g) would have brought your Glucose up to 85mg/dl. I know that during times of Hypoglycemia, "We" want to get out of it as quickly as there is that tendency to overestimate, which results in Hyperglycemia and all the energy/frustration to correct that as well.

k2 said...

Hey BC -
Thanks for the breakdown. I did overestimate for sure, & it didn't help that it was 6 am & I was trying to start my day. Treating the low, then fitting in my breakfast... a crazy balancing act of numbers that I just couldn't get straight.

To quote Gilda Radnor..."It's always something!

BetterCell said...

We (T1DM) probably should then make great Mathematicians and Acrobats because of all our *tight rope walking*

k2 said...

BC -
We should have our own circus!

BetterCell said...

Ladies & Gentlemen........
In this corner we proudly present, "The Hypoglycemia All Stars."
They will perform acts of great courage in staying alive.
See how they manage to break only a wrist bone instead of an arm as they collapse to the ground.
See how they knock out one tooth instead of two as they collapse to the ground.
See how they bruise some ribs on their way to the ground.
See how they return to consciousness as they slowly awaken.
See how they interact with Healthcare Personnel who think they know more about T1DM than they really do.
See how they fear sleep because of not knowing if consciousness is their right to partake of.
See how much they value and respect Life.
Tickets are not refundable.

k2 said...

BC -
Honestly, I was just rehearsin a very similar Diabetes Circus Ring Master's speech in my head when I got your email!

"Ladies and Gentlemaen, the Diabetes Circus Balancing Act for Life Proudly Presents,
Kelly K, watch as she continually jumps through rings of Fire to own her Blood Sugars on a daily basis!

See her prick her finger sans lancet Pen, watch as she miraculously count her carbs, and boluses for every meal she eats!

Watch in amazement as she changes her infusion set in the blink of an eye and under 30 seconds

CRA-ZY minds think alike!


BetterCell said...

Aware and Intelligent Minds think alike.
The audience who watch the *show* are just Watchers not the Participants in the drama of staying alive w/TiDM.

Cara said...

Days like that drive me crazy. Over treating is a thing I do much too often. Today was a crazy day, but I have been running my pump on a 110% basal for the past 2 days. In fact, I ran myself out of insulin in my infusion set, when I wasn't do for a change until the morning! I just changed it a few minutes ago with 1.8 units left.
Maybe we'll get back under control soon.

k2 said...

Cara -
Your right, days like that happen and are few & far between - thank God!
Overtreating happens and is never made easier when it happens near meal time.

Todays numbers were right on the mark.
Hang there, your numbers will get back 2 where they should be, and once again you'll own your D.