Monday, July 14, 2008

Life, Lemons, Letting Go, And Becoming

As of late, I've been suffering from life throwing me a few lemons. While some of these lemons are easily turned into delicious lemonade, others leave bruises that make them not so easy to forget.

The stress of my job; my moms heath, the fact that I still beat myself up over stupid mistakes instead of learning from them and letting them go.

So today.....I'm letting go....OF ALL OF IT.
I'm letting go of all the things that weigh me down.

I'm letting go of not measuring up to my own set of impossible standards, and anyone else's for that matter.

I'm letting go of all the anger towards anyone who ever hurt me in anyway.
I'm letting go of the person I thought I'd be and am embracing the person I am becoming.

I am becoming smarter and more enlightened.
I am becoming an expert at finding the humor in both life and diabetes.

I am becoming a person who embraces her successes and learns from her failures.

I am becoming a person who cries not only when she's sad, but also when she's happy.

I an a person who not only laughs from her gut, but is starting to listen to it as well.

I am a person who is still somewhat sloppy in the whole organizational department, but I'm so MUCH BETTER than I used to be.

I am a person who's becoming quite technically savvy.....who'd a thunk it?

I am a person who now can take her anger and use it as a motivator for positive change.

In no particular order: I am a Blogger; a Taurus, a lover of the ocean and any and all bodies of water.
I am loyal, I am funny, I am sweet and temperamental. I am both shy and an extrovert.

I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Diabetic, a Comedienne, an Actor, a chameleon, and a Wise Ass who happens to have a great ass and nice legs.

I am a finder of the funny, with a heart that's empathetic, a humor that is sardonic, and a pancreas that's far from perfect!

I'm far from perfect, nor am I perfect from afar.

And that's OK.

Life - Lemons or not, goes on....And is a mixture of both the sweet and tart.


George said...

Great post and we have even more in common then I thought.

Diabetes and GREAT ASSES!


Crystal said...

You said it Kelly!!

Great post. ;-)

k2 said...

George -
Apparently, great minds with great asses think alike!

CalPumper -
Thanks for the applause - how'd you know I was an "applause whore?"

Anonymous said...

You also have a great attitude!


Crystal said...

LMAO! I had no idea!!! haha.

Not just great asses folks but retarded pancreas' think alike!!! hee hee! As do insulin addicts, insulin codependents, chronics, liabilities, pre-existers.

Hail to the Queen of Pre-existing, Chronic Liabilities: PWDs!!!

I will try to applaud each time I comment. You deserve it, more than you know. ;-)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great post K2 - and I second what Jeff said, a great attitude!

k2 said...

Jeff -
I really try to keep it positive, sometimes I just need to really remind myself, and I ALWAYS need others to remind me.

CalPumper -
Wow - You referred to me as a Queen, I LIKE IT! Thanks so much for the kind words! I needed them more than u know!
And how the hell did u know that I love tiara's?!

Thanks for the wonderful sentiments Scotty J!
Attitude is half the battle.


Lora said...

It's good to be queen. (My bookmark tells me so.)

Now if only I could get my hands a little slippery so I, too, could let go...

Cara said...

You are an amazing person.

k2 said...

Lora -
It is good to BE.
Though, I could get used to this Queen thing ;)

Cara -
Thank you. Your pretty amazing yourself kiddo!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! You're learning as you grow.


Karen said...

Good for you!!!! It takes great strength to let go of the mistakes and focus on the positive. YOU ROCK!!!