Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So I’m in the checkout line at WholeFoods a few months ago, when some “Chicklet” spied my insulin pump and stared at it & me intently.

Chicklet: How long have you been on the insulin pump?
she asks all nice like and such.

Me: Four years now.

Chicklet: How long have you had diabetes ?

Me: Since I was 8.

Chicklet: Ya know… if you just cut out all forms of sugars and processed foods, you’d be off insulin in a few months, your body would begin to produce it’s own insulin again. S
aid “Chick Bitch,” all knowingly and smug like.

Well, At least she didn’t ramble on about a raw food diet sprinkled with massive doses of cinnamon and followed by gallons of green tea, but I digress.

** Normally, I'm all about educating people, but her tone immediately told me she wouldn't listen. Plus, it was late, I was tired, & I didn't feel like having my energy sucked from me by a person who obviously knew it all. Sometimes you have to choose your battles.**

“It's not that simple. If that’s all it really took,don't you think that me; my two sisters, my father, and his two sisters, my two cousins, my nephew, my Great Grandmother and great Uncle would have done it years ago?" And left it at that.


I didn’t...but I sure wanted to.


Scott K. Johnson said...


Even if it were just that simple, it's not that simple. Know what I'm sayin'?

Did you check her cart for contraband items?

Scott S said...

When I first moved to California, I lived with a woman who also said the same thing to me. Needless to say, I think she was kind of shocked to learn that type 1 diabetes (or that there was even more than one type of diabetes) was an autoimmune disease, but I guess someone has to educate the ignorant masses and we're the "chosen ones" right?!

k2 said...

Scotty J -
I hear you brother!
No, she didn't have contraband, but I did notice a colon cleanser - maybe that's why she was being such bitch!
Of course, I still had no excuse!

Scott S:
You know me, normally I love to educate people regarding t1 and t2.

But I could tell by her tone that she she wouldn't bother hearing any medical facts and to be honest, I just wanted to pay for my food and get out there.
Sometimes, being one of the "chosen ones" gets tiring. ;)

George said...

I like to educate too but sometimes, Sometimes you just want to clock people in the face!

I could never EVER tell someone how to live or what they SHOULD be doing.

IF you ever hear my talking like that, you have permission to beat my lips.

Cara said...

I don't advise other diabetics unless they ask me...and I've been at this for 23 years. Even when they ask me I'm careful to make the point that my advice is only what I know works for me, and might not work for them.
Where do people get off giving medical advise to perfect strangers who don't even ask for it? I mean, really?
I completely understand your frustrations.

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Oy :( I would have been tempteed to be mean and say "Careful, if you get too close you might catch it!"

Ugh. How I hate those people.

Lili said...

Ugh. I get annoyed just shopping at Whole Foods because they don't carry anything with artificial sweeteners. There's one here with a Jamba Juice inside, and they can't make the lower carb smoothies because they have Splenda and Whole Foods won't let them. If you complain about it, you're liable get some spiel about how Type 1 is caused by an imbalance or something. Otoh, only Whole Foods has some of the stuff I want, so I'm kind of stuck.

k2 said...

G-Ninja -
It was certainly one of those, "clock them in the face times!"
I spend so much time daily, both professionally and personally, trying to educate everyone I can.
I knew that she thought she knew better and and was just spent!
I'm not super proud of my response, but I'm human and it was either tell her one thing, or rip her a new one by telling her something else!
g- I could never beat your lips, your Ninjabetic after all - I don't mess with Ninjas -I know better!

Cara -
I'm glad you understand - it just gets so frustrating at times!!
I let it almost get the best of me!

WHAT A GREAT RESPONSE - I wish I had thought of it at the time!

lil -
We are certainly stuck btwn a rock and Whole Foods. I have to admit, I love WF's most of the time.
I'm just am not a big fan of the fact that they (and some of their customers) don't get the whole type 1 diabetes thing!

Jess said...

I would have been sorely tempted to just tell her off.

I applaud you for being as polite as you were.

And ayiyi, people like that drive me up the wall. Especially when they're nurses. All of my aunts are nurses and when I was first diagnosed they had gobs of advice for me. Over the past year and a half I've gotten in some good teaching but I swear, sometimes, they just don't get it.

meanderings said...

Really!!! Someone really said that?? Wow, I'm awed.
Makes me want to get a fake pump and wear it just so I can give them araby62's response.
You were too kind...

k2 said...

OH, I've told people off. I've written about, I've preached the diabetes gospel, types 1 and 2 many a time.

I hear you loud and clear about the nurses. I was recently interviewed by several Jefferson University Accelerated Nursing Program students regarding diabetes.
I told them that the best thing they could do for their Diabetic patients was to accurately learn and understand the differences btwn t1 and t2 - and whole bunch of other stuff!
Thanks for your comment!

Colleen -
Yes, "some one really said that!"
The know-it-alls aways find me.
I live in a city and everyone is an expert about everything!
I'm sure I've done my share of preaching, but like yourself and the other citizens of dBlogille, at least I know the facts regarding t1 and t2. And if I don't know something, I ask lots of questions and learn all I can!


Donna said...

OMG! It's awful that she felt the need to "educate" you. How sad. Those kinds of people make me just want to tell them my pump is a cellphone.

k2 said...

Donna -
I like the way you think!
Tell the teacher my pump is a cell phone - You are so spot on !!

Crystal said...

k2 you held back! I am sort of disappointed. :( ha ha. SO kidding.

Great response on your part.

I hate when people decide it is "their place" to tell others what they can do to help themselves. I am like George, I would Never tell anyone how to live. And like Cara, if prompted I make a point to say "this works for me, may not work for you."

I probably would have told her "if it was That easy, you really think I would wear this thing?" with some choice words rolling around in my head.

Ahhh, us T1s, the chosen ones to remind others there is a difference, there is more to Diabetes than the Liberty commercial, exercise and eating right. Fun for us.

Thanks for sharing k2!

k2 said...

Cal Pumper:
Yes, I "held back." I do that from time to time. Sometimes I save my energy, but most times I set them straight!

Thanks for reading and commenting!
You know I love hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I sometimes can't believe people can be so rude and ignorant!
LOL to araby62's response!!

k2 said...

Gail -
Well, like it or not, I guess it takes all kinds.
Yes - Araby62 was spot her response.
I SO wish I had said that!