Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Chronicles Of Livvy Continue....Look Out dBlogville

Kelly & Art Director O-blivia - who actually directed these particular shots as she knows all about the "Fun House CRAZY picture

Apparently, she learned how to do this in school.

So I received about 3 emails from O’blivia yesterday. Her Uncle Clark (my brother -in-law) set her up with her very own email account when she was at her Nanny’s house in Jersey, and she is now officially addicted! Livy wanted to inform me that she’d thrown up on the plane – “but at least it wasn’t on dad’s pants this time –THIS TIME, KEl.”

Liv also wanted my number so she could give me a ring. To quote her email yet again: "Girlllll, what is your phone number?... I want to call you!"

So, I emailed her back with my digits, and a few hours later I received a call from the blog star herself not long after.


Me: "Livers (sometimes I call her Livers) I MISS YOU TOOO!”

Livvy: “I wish you lived nearby.”
Me: “Me too.”

Livvy: “ I hate United Airlines, I don’t know why, I just do! I think it might have to do with the fact that I threw up on two different United planes! Once on the way to Florida, and once now when we were landed in the Mountains."
Me: “I know, I read your emails – I’m so sorry to hear that. Are you feeling better?”

Livvy: “Me, I feel great now…Well, at least it wasn’t on Dad's pants…THIS TIME!”

Me: “I’m sure he appreciated that Liv.”

Livvy: "I didn’t even have time to say excuse me – I grabbed the barf bag and let it rip!!”

Me: “ Sometimes that's what you have to do...Hey, you know what? When I landed in the mountains, I threw up to - and I don't think I had time to say excuse me either." Then both of us said in unison: “IT’S IN THE JEANS”

Livvy: “Tessie (her fabulous 17-year-old sister who is a much taller, much prettier, much more talented, red-headed version of the author of this blog) told me you wrote about me on your blog. She read it on her iPhone,. I wish I had an iPhone.”

Me: “So do I, and yes, I did write about you on my blog – YOU’RE A BLOG STAR –EVERYONE LOVES YOU! I’ll send you the link right now!”

So I did. A minute later, Livvy had clicked on the link and started to scream bloody murder!

So we read the post together, out loud, over the phone. She read one paragraph and I read the next. Each of us read our appropriate lines – and I have to say – That kid can run lines better than Meryl Streep! Livvy: “Hey - You didn’t post all of our pictures from the Photo Booth application Kel - Where are the Fun House crazy pics?”

Me: “I know Liv – There were like 100 of them! Someone went a little crazy on the Photo Booth when I was loading up my car.”

Livvy: “Yeah – that was me! I LOVE the sketch one – we look like we’re wearing lipstick! Kel, I’m so glad I got you to love the Jonas Brothers.”

Me: “I’d say you got me to respect the Jonas Brothers Liv. - You got me to respect them.” Livvy: “Tessie says they are pretty balling! I’m on the fence about Hannah Montana Kel,
I hear she’s not very nice offset.”

Me: “Glad to hear it. – The HM part, not the balling part. You shouldn’t really say that, 

I mean I think you shouldn’t say that. Ahhh, OK to be honest, I’m not really sure if you should say “balling” or not. I’m really not sure what the rules are on that particular slang term." Well, at least I planted the seed regarding HM. After all, O-blivia is a female and 8 years old and 11 months, after all, so she very well might change her mind regarding the whole Hannah Montana machine. But at least I got her thinking!

Livvy: “Kel, I think I should start a Blog – I HAVE A LOT TO SAY.”

Me: “Oh, I know you do Liv.

Livvy: “How do I make one?”

Me: “Hmmm, I'm still trying to figure that one out...Anyway, you need to talk to your parents about that. Anyway, what would you talk about and what would you call it?”

Livvy: “I’m not sure what I’d call it, but I have lots to talk about. I could talk about The Jonas Brothers AND my Aunt who has Diabetes (after all I have experience with diabetes Kel,) and The Wizards of Waverly Place.
I could also talk about the tap shoes that my aunt who has diabetes (that's you Kel) and who gave me those tap shoes at Nanny’s. And how they were her first pair of high heel tap shoes - which just happen to be size 6, just like my feet are. And how they are all leather, including the uppers & lowers, and how they don’t make shoes like that anymore, I mean they cost 30 dollars back in the 80’s. And how both my Aunts taught me to tap…. My head is full of stuff Kel - I bet I could blog for hours.”

OK, regarding my tap shoes – did I not state in my previous post that the child had a mind like a steel trap and forgets NOTHING! And yes, she is really wearing a size 6 and is only 8 yrs and 11 months - She's the tallest child in her grade. She and her sister inherited the Glamazon jeans; I got the faulty pancreas jean – and size 71/2’s. Though in grade school my feet were considered huge by conventional standards!

Livvy: “I added your blog to my List of Favorites by the way!”

Me: “WELL THANKS, and I added you to my list of favorites by the way! – O-blivia baby,
I gotta go, we’ve been on the phone for an hour, it’s almost 11 p.m. my time!”
Livvy: ”OK – 5 more minutes Kelly, I have SO MUCH TO TELL YOU. I told you I threw up on the plane, right? Oh yeah, I already told you that. Hey, how'd you add me to your list of favorites?? KEEELLLLYYY , I miss you and Love you SO MUCH!”

Me: “Yeah Livvy, I miss and love you SO MUCH -BIG TIME.”


Scott K. Johnson said...

Livvy rocks. I think she needs to start a blog too!

Karen said...

Oh yeah, that girl is a STAR!!! And a natural born blogger too. :)

Scott S said...

Livvy and you should do a vBlog posting on YouTube soon ... that way, you really can be worldwide stars!

Cara said...

She's fabulous! You already know that of course. :)
She's gonna be famous some day. No one with that much to say ever stays incognito.

k2 said...

Scotty J -
You are correct on all counts sir! Livvy rocks big time and she'd rock all of blogville as well!

Karen -
She is a everything you said and more!

Scott -
Liv is a a "SUPER STAR!"
I'm not sure if the world could handle the Livvy and Kelly Show, let alone YouTube!
I will run it by her though!
I'm sure she's got some great ideals ;)

Tell me about it!
She takes after her sister & cousin, both are EXTREMELY talented
performers - real Triple Threats on every level! IT'S IN THE JEANS!


George said...

Please Vlog! Pretty Please! With Splenda on top! ;)

k2 said...

George Niinja -
"With Splenda on top!"

Wow, that's serious.
Two things:

1. If I vlogged, Miss Livvy would not be with me, could dBlogbville really handle that massive void and could I actually fill it?
2. You'd have to be my tech support, which would mean IMing me through the whole process, because I'm a bit lost regarding the whole set up of it all. I'd be a burden to you.
I don't know, maybe....

Naomi said...

What a total life of the party cutie!

She reminds me of my daughter, Nora, who is also a dramatic September girl with lots to say and a pair of (size 9) excellent tap shoes. Size 9! And she's only 11!

Let her blog. Blog on, baby!

Diane J Standiford said...

The more bloggs the merrier! LUV the pics.

k2 said...

naomi -
if nora & livvy every got together, i have a feeling they would make a quite the pair! not to mention the fact that they both have big feet!

diane -
glad u like the pics!