Friday, October 3, 2008

Talk Anoungst Yourselves -"The Topic: "Dia-Bill-ic Shock" OR Diabetes "King of The Hill" Style.

The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it.
— Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin), French dramatist (1622-1673)

What does not destroy makes me stronger. — Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher (1844-1900)

Life ain't a track meet (NO) - It’s a marathon
Ice Cube - Singer/Rapper/Actor

My 8 days in hell are almost over!!! I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, that light being in full glory on Monday afternoon - which normally is somewhat of letdown as far as days of the week go...So I got that going for me.

Anyway - Next weeks postings will be back to a normal schedule, PROMISE.

OK - I have like 10 minutes to type b4 I have to start the work cram and jam again.
SO, Until then, "Talk amongst yourselves!'" The topic being King Of The Hill's" season premiere - which was titled "Dia-Bill-ic Shock" & aired last Sunday night. - Did I not tell you this is week has been hellish? I've been trying to get time to write about this episode all week!

Any who, here's the kicker, The show featured one of the main characters, Bill Dauterive -a melancholy character to say the least, who gives up when told he has developed type 2
- which is referred to as "adult onset diabetes" in the show. Yes, it's a cartoon - but it's a funny, and for the most part - a well written one.

YES, there were some generalizations regarding the disease - aren't there always?

I thought the writers did a good job on several points. They stressed diet and exercise, the importance of nutrition counseling for diabetics the importance of taking blood sugars, and depression after being diagnosed.
They also showed how Dr's can be a positive part a solution, or a huge part of the problem - take special note of the Ass of a Dr. who treats Bill the second time - You'll want to kick his, well - his ass!

I like how the writers also focused on positivity and control - regardless of the health issue.
I want to know YOUR THOUGHTS - Here's the link to the episode. "Dia-Bill-ic Shock."
It will take you 22.02 minutes to watch the show - not a whole lot of time in the grand scheme of things, and you are learning about diabetes.

What were the positives & negatives of the episode? You will find many in both columns no-doubt.

In your eyes, what could the writers have done better?

What did they nail regarding life with the big D?

Also Pay attention to Bill's lingo - he references the "Dlife" & throws around phrases like "I got diabetes real bad," and "I was feeling all Diabetic-ee." Had he mentioned dBlogville, I would have blown a gasket!

What type of meter do you think Bill uses?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!!!!!!!


Cara said...

Okay. I just watched it. I have to say that parts of it were really, really funny.
I liked the part between the first doctor and the second doctor with them showing how hard it can be to change your lifestyle.
The food journals, the healthy food, etc were good ways to treat it, but it means sticking with it! And change is hard.
The second doctor is so typical of so many doctors these days. They just assume you AREN'T going to take care of yourself, when sometimes all people need is a little support and a little education.
I liked that nurse who suggested the nutritional training and then at the end just let Bill beat the doctor up. :D She was too funny.
The parts I didn't really like them showing that ALL they could eat was healthy food. That was kind of sad. You won't see me eating wheat grass anytime soon. LOL. But I did like that they showed them starting young, since Bobby is overweight already and by starting the healthier eating sooner, it becomes a way of life and isn't such a big change later on.

Crystal said...

Kudos to "King of the Hill".

Well done.
Did you notice the part when Hank's son ate the candy bar? It was too sweet....

That is why most diabetics can "handle" diet drinks and others that don't drink diet think it tastes awful.

It is crazy how this season of TV has incorporated Diabetes in just about everything. Even a casual conversation.

Love that the 2nd Dr. got beat up! The whole treating patients with fear is just crap and helps no one. Most of them do Not have diabetes and should treat their patients with more respect and empathy. Simply because they have no idea what it is like.

Thanks for sharing!
Hope things settle down for you soon.....

How is your mom? Has she told you directly yet?

Melissa Lee said...

I agree - a funny and well-written episode.

You guys have hit on a lot of the great things they did - the nutritional counseling, journaling, lifestyle adjustments.

I would add that it did seem strange that he "cured" himself rather than just got his condition under control. That might set up unrealistic expectations.

k2 said...

Cara, Crystal, and Melissa-

Thanks for your"spot -on" and insightful comments regarding the episode. I agree 100!

Cara - I liked the nurse too, and I agree with you regarding the healthy food ! - I'd go crazy! But Bobbie's mother Peggy does tend to go a bit overboard on any and all things!

Crystal -
Loved when Doc # 2 got the crap kicked out of him! I've wanted to do the vary same thing myself many a time ;)
Yes- my mother did tell me about her diagnoses, and made a joke about it - GO FIGURE?

Melissa -
I didn't like the "cured" reference either. " I would have preferred the writers to say "got an handle on," "owned,"or "Bill, you whipped your diabetes ass and showed who was the boss!" But...,that's how I roll.

Crystal said...

Hey better that mom can laugh and joke, right?

Oh yea, totally forgot to mention that crap, the whole "Bill you're cured!".

I like the "whipped diabetes ass" much better. ;-)

Man if it were that easy for T1s, eh?

Diane J Standiford said...

Can' believe I missed it; I love that show and poor Bill. My mom recently almost died because she has early onset Alzheimer's and they cahnged her diabetes meds, she got confused (type 2/lives alone) and luckily called 911. Now she is in a nursing home, but when I (I live 3,000 miles away) found out how confusing the changes...poor thing. Not on topic, but my cheap laptop can't hold a 2minute connection...

k2 said...

CP - I hear you on all counts!

Diane -
Sorry to hear about your mom, I hope she's feeling better.

They will re-air the KOTH episode again, sooner if not later - keep an eye out for it!