Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How Has Insulin Pump Therapy Changed Your Life??

Hey dBlogville - I need your input & help! It's very last minute, especially with yesterdays crazy weather, but I've been asked to attend a Panel Discussion about Insulin Pump Therapy and how it impacts PWD's lives tomorrow at Animas Corp.

I know the positive changes my insulin pump has brought to my life, like; more freedom (sleeping late, eating what I want, skipping meals), better control, which equals better A1C’s, fewer highs & lows, less complications in the future, and the ability for my to OWN my diabetes – instead of it owning me!

But what positive changes has your insulin pump and or CGM (regardless of the brand) brought to your life?

I want to give you a chance to be heard and I know you have a lot to say!


Cara said...

Insulin pump therapy has been a lifeline for me. I spent most of my college years, and some years after, mistreating my body by not caring for my diabetes. I believe if I had an insulin pump during this time, it would have made me a much healthier person.
Since going on an insulin pump, I am more careful of what I'm doing, what I'm eating, and where my blood sugars are at. It's helped me drop my A1c to as low as 6.3.
Last year when I went on CGMS, it helped me eve more. My lows and highs are not as extreme and it's easier to treat them because of this. It also has helped me catch my lows, which I no longer feel due to 23 years of living with diabetes.
I highly recommend that anyone give it a try.

George said...

It makes me worry less. I have insulin with me at all times. If I were to drop my bottle of insulin while filling a syringe (which happened a couple of times) then I would be out of luck. I love the Insulin on Board information, the carb counting and calculating that sometimes can be difficult when you are in a hurry, distracted, or have a really high BG.

And the beeps have a good beat that you can dance to.

Maybe leave that last part out.


Penny Ratzlaff said...

How about how much better it's made my son's life? (He started on an Animas pump exactly 3 years ago today.)

He was 3 when he started on the pump and being able to give him tiny amounts of insulin was the best part. Measuring 1/2 unit of insulin is very hard to do with any accuracy and he needed way less than that most of the time. Also, with Lantus he dropped low pretty much every single night. With the pump, we were able to decrease how much insulin he gets at night and take care of that.

So, he either had to not get coverage sometimes because I couldn't draw up a small enough amount or give him too much and risk sending him low. Even now, he'll often get less than 1/2 unit.

Also, with Lantus he dropped low pretty much every single night. With the pump, we were able to decrease how much insulin he gets at night and take care of that.

Also, the freedom to eat when he wants and pretty much what he wants (within reason). There were times he might want an extra roll or something after he'd already had his injection. Rather than give him an extra shot he'd eat something without carbs instead. Now, if he's already had his insulin and he's still hungry he eats what he wants and we program the pump to give more insulin.

The pump has also helped me as a parent. When Riley started on the pump it was like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. We weren't slaves to schedules and a certain amount of carbs like we were with injections.

I hope this helps.

k2 said...

Cara -
Thanks so much for sharing your pump &CGM experiences and BTW, AWESOME a1c!

Your insulin bottled shattered on the floor 2!? Good to know I am not alone on that one! I agree, pumps do have an excellent beat that you can dance 2!
Now, if they could just figure out BACON!!!!

Penny -
WOW - thanks for a parents POV and happy "pumpaversary" to Riley!
I can totally relate to being a slave to schedules pre pump.
I was always so afraid of missing meals or injecting my Lantus to late.
I was well into my 30's before I ever skipped a meal, b4 the pump that was not possible!
Now nothing is off limits!
Your a fantastic mom and your doing an awesome job with Riley's Diabetes!

Crystal said...

Great answers!!!

Hope the panel is going well Kelly. Let us know how it went.

And I agree with what has been said.

The Biggest selling point for me 4 years ago, at age 26, 20 years with T1.....Sleeping IN!!!!!!!!!!
No more "Time to get up and take Lantus!" Ugh! I hated being "stuck" on a schedule.
And honestly, not having to eat!!! And being able to eat More After I take my dose and I am still hungry.
So much easier to push some buttons then to grab a syringe, draw up Full units and pray for no lows.
Being able to put my pump on a Temp basal is a God send. It has "saved" me Many times.

Pumps rock!! I have an Animas 1250. 4 years and no major malfunctions or problems.

Hope you and your mom are doing well too. (My comment about pumps is too late for your panel, I don't care, I just had to put my two cents in, I love my pump!)

k2 said...

Thanks for commenting! We totally felt your "two cents vibe" as we discussed Lantus and how wonderful it is to no longer have to deal with it in GREAT detail!