Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things That Make Me Go...Hmmmmm?

There are lots of things in life that make me go “Hmmmm.” Some are Diabetes related, some are not.

I have a Mac Laptop, which I love, love, and love! When I get deep into writing (or watching “The Office” episodes downloaded from iTunes) I tend to scrunch my legs and rest the laptop against my knees & over my waist. My laptop battery gets hot, I mean like I could fry eggs on the bottom of it if I had to type hot. Sometimes it rests on my pump tubing and or pump. When I realize what’s going on I move my pump and tubing ASAP. But I still wonder, “Is it to late? Have I just fried the insulin in my pump?” Then I end up testing like crazy for an hour. The answer has yet to be “yes” but still, never know!

When I eat sliced celery, carrots, and sweet peppers, should I bolus for them? I don’t normally, unless I’m dipping them in hummus, but should I?

Do I really need to shift into forth if I’m only going 26 miles an hour?

Why do some people "syrup" and some people say "seer-up?"

Why is the guy on the Oxi-Clean commercial YELLING?

Why does Mucinex use talking chunks of phlegm to sell their product? SO DISGUSTING!

Sometimes when I wake up (especially when I use 43 inch pump tubing) I can’t find my pump. IS that normal or do I just require GPS tracking 24X7 for it? I really think GPS tracking, or “The Clapper” for my pump would be a good thing. Not to turn it on or off, but to set off an alarm to tell me where it actually is when it's not on my person. YES, I’ve missed placed my pump in the past.

Why do doorknobs have it out for my pump tubing?

Why is Paris Hilton famous? And why does she have a perfume? Who the hell wants to stank like that, or anyone else for that matter? Please see below post for a more "Diabetes"specific scent example -Say that three times fast!

Why do most on-line and print Editors fail to differentiate between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?? Same for On-air Reporters, freaking drives me NUTS!

Why does Airport Security know what my insulin pump is, but continually pull me aside because of my blood sugar machine?? Do not the two go hand in hand?

Why does the OLDIES station play 80's and 90's music??? They do not fall into the old music category! THEY DON'T BELONG THERE I TELL YOU!!!

How come I’ve cracked the “pump bolus code” for ice cream but the “pump bolus code” for pasta still continues to elude me?

And why does that bother me so much? I mean, I’ve figured out "Blood Sugar Nirvana" for ice cream so who cares about pasta!


Cara said...

Ahh, the questions of the universe. Will we ever know the answers? :)
I like the 1 about the airport security. I've never had it happen @ the airport, but when I was visiting Independence Hall, the security guard pulls out my meter, opens it and then looks at me and says, "Are you a diabetic?".
Um, no. I just thought I'd carry that thing around for fun. :P

commercial reviews said...

I didn't even know how different T1 and T2 are! Since dating my bf with T1, I have learned so much and have been reading your blog as intently as I read the news!

A lot of the info out there seems to be catering to T2, I guess because it is becoming so prevalent in America (due to fattiness and crap in the food).

Kassie said...

so much to choose from here :)

But I'll go with the Mucinex. Don't you wish you'd been at that ad "pitch"? Just picture it - some ad agency staffer actually stood up in front of a group of decision makers, and suggested that they sell product using talking mucous!! AND THEY WENT FOR IT!

That is definitely one of life's mysteries to me!


omg. *yells* BILLY MAYS IN THE OXYCLEAN COMMERCIALS! He's what we call a chronic soft shouter. No matter what.

Do you think he shouts when he's in public? "HONEY. DONT GET THE CHARMIN ULTRA SOFT. IT LEAVES LINT ON MY BUTT"

- Nicole

Crystal said...

LOL Nicole.

k2, what a great post. So funny are you!
Great questions too.
I mean really, I'm outside in the sun, my first year with my pump, sunning and I start running in the 400s and to no avail I an Not coming down. Correction bolus frenzy then shade for the rest of the day. No more tans for me.

I don't bolus for Any veggie.
Are we wrong?

LOVE the GPS idea.

Drawers are my tubing catch nemesees. ;-)

Paris Hilton, bleh.

There IS a diff between T1 and T2, when will the lovely American media Get This?? This irritates me to no end!!!!!

Again, great questions. Pondering the Hmmmmm's of life is fun. Thanks for sharing!

Lora said...

Who invented liquid soap and why? (Always quote from a John Cusack movie whenever possible.)

Can you share your ice cream secret with me? I completely f'd that one up the other night...

Thanks for giving me a light, bright spot in a rough day. Much appreciated!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! Great post Kel! I need the pump bolus code for life! :-)

meanderings said...

Those are great!
I need a gps for everything in my life - I'm constantly misplacing stuff.
I detest the mucinex ad -

k2 said...

I think you should have told the Security Guard that yes, you r indeed a diabetic. But thanks to the power of osmosis, you just need to stare at your blood sugar machine REALLY,REALLY hard and BAM-it tells you your #, no "prick"needed.

I'm glad your learning about diabetes - your boyfriend is one lucky dude!
Thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading,& avoid the crap food!

I've pictured that pitch meeting in my mind many times! Glad to hear that I'm not alone! I think the writer had a bet with his partner. "Lets pitch the absolutely most disgusting character EVER and see where it leads us!" OR maybe there were just really HIGH during the pitch?!


Cal P-
SO glad this post made you laugh!
I never experienced getting my tubing caught in drawers (have been caught w/out them though!) but thanks for sharing ;)

Anything words spoken by John C are fine with me!
Sorry to hear you had a rough day,but glad to hear I made you smile.
As far as ice cream -bolusing for 1 serving at a time really helps. If I have to refill the bowl and rebolus- so be it!

I have no ideal what the pump code bolus for life is, but I made u laugh and that works for me!

Great minds think alike! And lose things, and detest the Mucinex ads!!!