Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Society

Hey dBlogville: Happy Tuesday! There's a new feature on Tuesdays at Diabetesalicousness- called "Letters to Diabetes."

I’ve written several letters to and about Diabetes on this blog-and thought, why not do it weekly? Some days it will be to Diabetes- other days (like today) it will be a letter to a person, place, or thing regarding Diabetes - Let me know what you think~

Dear Society-

We need to set up a few Diabetes ground rules that will make all involved get along a little better.

First off: If your going to blame me as a person with Diabetes for my disease- get your freaking facts right!

Learn the difference between Type 1 or type 2, the diseases true causes and effects- and PLEASE realize that blaming the patient will not diminish the disease or its effects- but it will make me as a PWD, want to verbally annihilate you with every fiber of my bein, both in public and in private. Trust me, you don't want me to go there. I've had years of practice and am quite good at going for the jugular.

Remember to keep in mind that there are no bad sugars- only challenging carbs.

Consider the fact that nothing is off limits, as long as I test and bolus accordingly.

If I decide to indulge in a cupcake- don’t say, “I’m cheating,”- because I’m not.

Never ask me “are you allowed to eat that?” if you don’t want to hear my explanation on carb counting and blousing.

Stop telling me that if I just gave up “all things white,” I could be off the dreaded insulin in a month. You know nothing of my disease or me.

Do ask questions in a way that won’t offend.

For example-the following question is not only offensive BUT it’s just makes the person who asks it sound SO STUPID:

Kelly is it because of your love of Pixie Sticks & Sprite that you became a diabetic at the age of 8?


A better choice would be:

Kelly, I’m not really sure how one develops diabetes. This may sound silly, but IS candy a factor in developing diabetes?

As a person with diabetes, please don’t make a comment on my blood sugar number.

If the number is high- don’t ask: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?

A better, and much more appreciated response is: What DO you (or WE, if your feeling all proactive and such) do to fix it?

Remember- there are no bad blood sugar numbers, because every number acts a map to tell us where our body IS- and where we need to GO from there. For those of you who can’t read maps- I completely sympathize. Simply think of blood sugar testing as a Diabetes GPS tracking device~

PWD’s (Person or people with diabetes) normally will answer any and all questions that you as non-PWD have- we’re good that way.

BUT ENOUGH WITH BLAMING US FOR OUR DISEASE- we have enough guilt on our own, regarding a multitude of diabetes related issues – we don’t need yours.

Your friend and fellow human,

Kelly Kunik

A PWD since the age of 8


commercial reviews said...

I blame El Nino for your disease.

Just kidding, well put!

Crystal said...

Love ya friend and fellow human. PWD since age of 6.

You Rock.
Love this. Love. It.

Thank you for this. Looking forward to the weekly installment. Go you! ;-)

Cara said...

Wow. True.

Meri said...

You go girl! I love sharing your posts with my 12 year old, it's so good to hear him laugh about these things!

Scott S said...

Now, let's sign up the rest of America for "Diabetes Lessons for Morons" ... who knows, after taking this class, we may just see a public option for healthcare sail through Congress!!

Nan said...

I love your writing, Kelly! This post is great!

Scott K. Johnson said...

So great! Challenging carbs indeed!