Thursday, November 5, 2009

Diabetes Always

Diabetes ALWAYS makes me have to think about EVERYTHING...

And Diabetes keeps me thinking on my feet – in order to protect them.

Diabetes ALWAYS makes this Litt Major grad do math- whether I want to or not.

Necessary numbers swirl around my world in a dizzying array every single day

And the calculations NEVER stop.

Diabetes can be scary – if you think too much – or too little about it.

Diabetes has made me laugh- like when my pump tubing gets caught on a doorknob

Diabetes has made me say OUCH out loud – like when my pump tubing gets caught on a doorknob.

Diabetes has made me cry.

Diabetes has been known to leave me exasperated, like when I test and bolus accordingly and Blood Sugar Nirvana eludes me for no real reason except because it can.

Diabetes unfortunately, is a family affair.

Diabetes has given me a wonderful extended family.

Diabetes makes me play both defense AND offense – instead of just playing.

Diabetes is both my "Achilles Heel” and my passion.

And Diabetes is ALWAYS on the tip of my tongue~

Whether it’s to inform, educate, ADVOCATE and make others laugh and learn - Or to treat a low.

Sometimes all of the above occurs at the same time – and I ALWAYS deal with it.

Diabetes ALWAYS IS

And ALWAYS will BE



Ashley said...

I get my tubing caught on door handles ALL the time! Within the first couple months of having it, I tore out the infusion site in a dressing room lol.

phonelady said...

the pump has me so scared and I dont think I could ever wear one and I dont have insurance so it is not financially possible anyways .

Mike said...

Well said.

If I were writing an "ALWAYS" list, I'd include that Diabetes ALWAYS makes me second-guess my body. Does my back hurt because I've been on my feet all day, or are my kidneys trying to tell me something?

I hate that.

Patrick McConnell said...

Great Post...Keep Em Coming...the Word Tubing Always makes me Laugh...LOL

Crystal said...

I looped my hand through Ditto's weird. Darn doorknobs, they always catch me. Some drawer handles too. Something is always reminding me I have the D. Like I don't do that enough.

Great post. Rings so true. We really need a cure.

k2 said...

Been there, done that!
The pump is FANTASTIC-I would never go back.
If you are interested- some Pump Co's have pro bono programs.

Thank you! D doesn't always make me second guess my body. Sometimes- like a week before I'm coming down with a cold- my blood sugars go high for no reason and I know somethings a brewing!

Thanks, will do!

Glad you like it!
Doorknobs, handles, ledges, little kids legs, my sisters dog- they all love getting caught in the pump tubing- not to mention my ex b.f's!

George said...

Let's get that cure because no matter what YOU will ALWAYS be my friend.

Nan said...

always is right!

Cherise said...

Always is true:)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Diabetes always, indeed.