Monday, December 7, 2009

Ahoy & God Bless The Platypus!

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AHOY!!!! First and foremost- a HUGE & HEARTFELT THANKS YOU to all of my friends in the DOC. Your love, support, positive vibes, and willingness to not only talk like a pirate and don an eye patch means the world to me!!

I can’t even begin to articulate what your kind words and funny actions mean to me.

A proper letter of thanks will be posted tomorrow!

Anyway, my tests results from Friday were FANTASTIC.


Corroded Arteries-GORGEOUS. And to quote the 2 corroded artery ultrasound specialists: Kel, YOU have a great set of corroded arteries with almost no plac for a person over 35. And especially for a person who’s had type 1 for 32 years!

Echo cardiogram- FANTASTIC.

So far, my Endo, Cardiologist, and crackerjack team of ophthalmologists from Wills Eye all believe this my ocular occlusion was a one in a million occurrence and ironically WAS NOT DIABETES RELATED.

Now, I just need to get a Stress Test and a few brain scans out of the way for a clean bill of health.

I absolutely believe that God,Buddha,The Goddess,etc or whoever the powers that be is or are (and I absolutely believe in loving & funny higher power) does indeed have a sense of humor. Seriously, have you ever seen or read about the platypus?

Whatever the reason is for my right eye losing most of its vision I will accept and move on.

If for some reason Mr. Wonderful gives my right eye some more vision- I will be happy. And if Mr. Wonderful continues to provide me with the little vision I have left in my right eye, I will be happy. My brain is already adapting and my left eye is picking up the slack quite nicely.

I will continue to work, laugh,learn, and will continue to make others laugh and learn, and move forward with my life instead of looking back.

I won’t focus on what I don’t have, but will continue to look ahead and focus on what is ahead.

Glad to be back blogging and will report more when I know more!


Lora said...

So so so glad every test is coming out grand! You're fantastic and strong and beautiful (dare I say even more so than the platypus!). Hoo-ray for you, K2!

George said...

I spent lots of time praying for Mr. Wonderful to kick even more ass.

I am glad you are back in the saddle!


Val said...

Congrats on the test results. Hoping your remaining tests are all also graded A+.

Keep well!

babscampbell said...

Ahoy! Ye just can't keep a Total Diazon down! Davey Jones just spits 'er out to the top o' the ocean waves and she just keeps rollin' with that there tide. Aiii.

Good to hear your test results are so FANTASTIC and that you're probably in better shape than most. I'm happy you're back on the blog! Go K2!

meanderings said...

I am so, so glad your test results are great! Will keep you in prayers while you continue the rest of the tests.

The poor diabetic said...

Congrats on the healthy it is always uplifting to hear good news makes all your hard work worthwhile...Do I see a market for synthetic arteries some time in the near future.

Carol said...

My husband and I like to joke and tell each other "You are not your numbers....unless of course your numbers are good". So today, you can BE those test results. That's great news!

Cherise said...

Glad to see you blogging again! I love you chica! We got your back. Woot! Prayers, hugs and cupcakes.

ktjane said...

Wahoooo! Congratulations on all of your wonderful test results. Make sure you take credit for them, because they are the result of your hard work! Personally, I seem to be much better at taking credit for my bad results, and feeling like I lucked out on the good ones. So silly! So yea, don't be like me ;)

Scott K. Johnson said...

SO glad to hear that all of the tests are coming back so good! That is FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

Now there are 2 of us who believe in being thankful for what we do rock!!