Monday, December 21, 2009

Cold Snowy Weather, Warm Thoughts, & Preventing Insulin Ice Cubes

HELLO!!! I'm sure that those of you on the East Coast are recovering from the Blizzard we had on Saturday. Personally, my brain is still a bit snowy and my muscles are sore from digging out!
But on the bright side, shoveling snow and clearing 2 feet of snow of my car is a great workout, and I can use all the moving and stretching I can get!

Anyway, the whole "Winter Wonderland" thing got me thinking about sun, sand and surf!
Which lead me to think about fruity drinks with umbrellas being served to me on a white sandy beach by a funny,cute guy named....Well, OK he didn't have a name, or at least I didn't catch it. But he was funny in a "HA-HA" sort of way, which made him cute, and he was serving me some yummy,fruity,delicous drink ocean side and in the sun.

Which in turn got me thinking about the insulin in my pump going bad because it got all "skunky" from being in extreme heat.

Which led me back too the reality of the winter snow and cold and how the insulin in my pump reacts when the thermometer dips.

Which brings me to the following question for those of you who live in the Midwest; Canada and other northern parts of the east coast, Alaska,or the North Pole. Does the cold weather affect the insulin in your pump and if so, what the heck do you do to prevent insulin ice cubes?


FatCatAnna said...

Well, where temps can go as low as -30C / 22F - we just keep our pumps under out coats (mind is clipped to my pants). The insulin stays nice and cosey, thru' shovelling snow/x-country skiing/walking/mushing the sled dogs/you name it. I still can't believe that a few weeks ago, I was in Miami, in 30C / 86F temps - waaah - pass me that Pina Colada my way pretty please? LOL

Jamie Naessens said...

It gets a might chilly here too (north Toronto) and I've never had a problem with it clipped to my pants under my coat... when it's that cold, you want a good coat to keep both you and your insulin cosy! The only time I had trouble was when I left my extra insulin overnight in the car... it didn't fare so well :((

Rachel said...

Once again, no practical advice, but I'm laughing at how your mind wanders...;)

Cherise said...


Before I moved to Cali was was on oral medication. All the Pod and PDM knows is the nice sunny weather in Cali. Can you repost this next year and I'll be able to answer your question...Indianapolis here I come.