Friday, January 29, 2010

"Diabetesalicious Lite"- Totally Short & Some What Sweet. And Ironically - Bolus Worthy To Boot~

Happy Friday- I'M SO GLAD IT'S HERE!!!!

Today's post is totally "Diabetesalicious Lite"- totally short, some what sweet, and ironically, a bit bolus worthy too boot~ ;)

First: Please check out a post I wrote Called: "A Love Story Amongst The Islets of Langerhans" over at ACT1Diabetes. Let's just say it's a love story from a "pancre-o-logical" point of view.

ACT1Diabetes is a fantastic org for adult Type 1's and I was all types of happy when they asked me to write a post for them- take a look, I think you'll like it!!

Craving a Starbucks drink but not sure of the carb count? No worries, because it's no longer an issue.

When I stopped by my local Starbucks on Monday- I was craving a hot chocolate, BIG TIME.
But I was worried about the carb count and almost didn't order one. Then the Barrista pointed me in the direction of a handy-dandy little handout that Starbucks has at all their locations titled: Nutrition By The Cup.

It's awesome! Everything you need to know about every single solitary drink that Starbucks has to offer is in there. Including; All fat cholesterol; sodium, carb, calories, fiber, sugar, vitamin & caffeine information. I absolutely enjoyed my 2% Short Hot Chocolate & it's 26 grams of carb/chocolate goodness!

Like I said, this post is totally short and sweet - and BOLUS WORTHY!


Chris said...

Sellout :P (I kid)

Goodonya to Starbucks for putting that information out there in a space much more convenient than a website. Not EVERYONE has an iPhone, Blackberry or (superior) Droid to check that stuff on the fly.

Traci said...

Starbucks here I come!! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Yep, when you need a hot chocolate, you really NEED a hot chocolate :). They also have their food items on a list...checked it out the other day when ordering a muffin there. Glad I did, that little baby was a carb fest all by itself!

babscampbell said...

My daughter is a barista and in talking to her 'bout the 'betes, I've found that she can also modify drinks to make them lower-carb. For instance, I LOVE chai, but the syrup is way too high carb for my liking. So, instead, she uses chai tea bags, whole milk and sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup to make the most delish chai misto! Talk to your barista and see what they can concoct for you. Then you can spend those bolus-worthy carbs on a mini-muffin! :)

Stacey D. said...

Thank you again, so much, for guest blogging for us! It was a great post and I only wish that all of us were fortunate enough to have an endo we love. As for Starbucks - kudos to them for making their nutrition information available non-electronically! I always get the same thing from there so I know the carb count by heart hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Woah, good to know that Starbucks has the nutrition info. available in store now... I usually just avoid going in all together, I can't seem to resist ordering a frappuccino once I'm inside :P

Cherise said...

I enjoyed reading your post at ACT1! Great job. Btw, Starbucks hot coco is awesome! Woot! Thank you Starbucks for helping PWD's out.