Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks For Playing Nice Diabetes ~

Sometimes, "The Betes" does play nice - just when you need it to most!
This past Saturday started off just like most, except for the crazy cold and wind, that gave a whole new meaning to the term; "Shiver me timbers!"
I woke up (much later than usual,) and felt good- maybe a tad tired, but nothing crazy.
I ate my Greek yogurt, drank my coffee, and tried to catch up on some work. I really did try to play catch-up, but my head started hurting. I grabbed my meter and it said 173 - not terrible. I did a correction bolus and met my friend for a late lunch.
I ordered a Spanish omelet and it was good....I just couldn't finish it.
2 hours after, my head still hurt and my bg was 200. I did another correction bolus and contemplated dinner.
But I wasn't hungry... and my stomach was cramping. I popped two gas-x and hoped for the best.
by 7pm my bg was 127 and I felt crappy.
I lowered my bolus, had a few sips of juice juice and didn't bolus.
By 9pm I really didn't feel well, my stomach was still cramping and I my bg was 112.
I drank a juice box, lowered my basal rate and went to bed.
At 11:30 my bg was 72 and I felt like crap. I drank another juice box and took my temperature, which was 97.9
By midnight I felt like Linda Blair in THAT scene from THE EXORCIST.
I grabbed my trash can and I HURLED. Then I hurled again. And then, just when I thought there was nothing left in me, I HURLED again.
Ironically, my head DID NOT spin and I didn't require a preist (old or young) at my bedside!
I did however, require sleep, and lots of it.
But before I could close my eyes. I took my blood sugar and I was 111.
I lowered my bolus (yet again (way down to a temp basal rate of 0.2) and went to bed.
I woke up at 8:30 on Sunday morning and my bg was 120. I slept on and off all day, drank ginger ale, ate saltines and barely bolused. The whole day, my blood sugar didn't go above 125 and I didn't get sick.
By dinner time I felt well enough to have some soup (homemade squash made by yours truly - it was fantastic) and crackers.
I woke up this morning and felt much better. My bg was 112 and I made it to work 10 minutes early.
Diabetes really behaved when I needed it to - so I just thought I'd say "Thank-You" publicly!


George said...

I still don't trust it. I just know it is being nice because it wants something.

don't let down your guard! :)

Laura said...

Hi, I'm a type 1 with massive migraine problems and I was just wondering if you think the headaches you were experiencing were due to bs levels or whatever made you sick?

Hope you're feeling better.

k2 said...

I didn't say I trusted diabetes, because I don't.
But I was VERY appreciative of it behaving during this weekends ugg-bug!

Sorry to hear about your migraines!
No, I don't believe the headaches were due to high or low blood sugars. I think my headaches had everything to do with me catching the bug/virus that everyone on the East Coast seems to be suffering from.
The only time I experience a headache re: my diabetes is when my blood sugar is off the charts high, like 300 or more.

Karen said...

George's comment was so funny it totally made me forget what I was going to write!!! LOL - that's okay, I needed a good laugh. I'll just say I'm sorry you were so sick but I'm glad the Big-D decided to behave while you recovered.

Crystal said...

Cool - my numbers always go crazy even before I know I'm getting sick. It's almost like a warning system for me now :)

Glad you're feeling better!

Cherise said...

I'm with Karen, George cracked me up! I am glad it didn't cause problems for you. Glad to see your doing better.

The poor diabetic said...

A 1 in a million kinda thing when the big D will take a timeout and sit at the corner quietly, good thing you are showing some love publicly maybe that will tickle its sentimental bone and give you another one of those days soon.
thanks Ronn