Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today Oprah & Dr. Oz Discuss Diabetes-WillThey Miss The Opportunity?

Today is Oprah's show on diabetes & even though I have my fingers (and toes) crossed that Oprah & Dr. Oz will "get it right," I'm not holding my breath.

The info that's made it's way to my in box contains rumblings that the show will primarily focus on type2& worst case scenarios. Scare tactics regarding diabetes-HELLO-What about coping kills & positivity?
On FaceBook, Dr. Oz stated:
"I should clarify this is type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 90% of diabetes cases. Type¹diabetes is also a huge problem, but it's rarer & not related to weight."
As a member of the more than 1million Type ¹club, we exist- and unfortunately, our numbers are growing.
Oprah & Dr. Oz are missing a tremendous opportunity to inform & educate the world about type 1. Missing the opp to broaden the diabetes spectrum across the globe.
I'm on vaction (I'm actually blogging from my iphone,) I'm not sure if I'll be in front of the TV, but I will be DVRing it. And I will be discussing it online & off.

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Karen said...

I'm absolutely dreading the show this afternoon. Oh yes, I will watch it. But I am absolutely dreading it. Just what we need, more misinformation about diabetes and more ignoring of all things Type 1.

Nicole said...

I just wanted to share with you what I wrote to Oprah

Posted: Wed 2/3/2010 9:54 AM

momof6andoneT1 : Oprah and Dr.Oz I have recently been informed of your show on diabetes and it made my stomach turn. I am a mother of 6 wonderfully crazy children and on Feb 13th 09 our world was turned upside down. My 4 year old daughter Cara was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in an ER room, after 3 months of on and off "flu" like symptoms, 4 doctor visits, a weight lose drop that brought her back to her previous 24 month baby weight, an awful rash on her bottom, constant peeing and unquenchable thirst. She was very sick and had a blood glucose of 53.2 mmols (957 U.S.A measurement), all four previous doctors missed diagnosed her. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, it is not caused by eating too much sugar, or lack of exercise. There was nothing that we did to cause or could have done to prevent this disease from causing havoc on our little daughters body. Cara NEEDS 4 shots of insulin and countless finger pokes every single day of her life to manage and LIVE with this disease and she will do this over and over until they find a cure. As of right now there is NO cure for Type 1 Diabetes. More exercise or eating the RIGHT kinds of foods is not a cure for Type 1 diabetes. In December 09 I wrote Dr Oz to express my deep frustration I felt after watching his show on Diabetes, he only reinforced all the misconception for T1. I just pray that you make the distinction between the two and start informing your viewers. Type 1 needs clarification and understanding. Please HELP

I also will be DVRing it and getting my letter ready which I will be sending to both Dr. Oz and Oprah. In Dec I wrote Dr. Oz about his Diabetes show and I'm sure it will be a lot of the same!!

Try to enjoy your vacation :)

Thomas Lovell Estes said...

hey Kelly, new to this platform, heard about the Oprah show on FaceBook of all places. Oprah will not get it right, T2 is what's on everyone's mind and she does have her ratings to consider. Not her fault really. What you're doing is awesome. I'm 50 and was diagnosed 4 years ago with T1 six weeks after running a marathon. Long story, but i was in 9/11. i would like to join your cause, to help spread the word that you can be T1 and crazy active. Tom

jpnairn said...

"I should clarify this is type 2 diabetes"
Well, then do clarify, damn it. Say "type 2 diabetes" when you mean "type 2 diabetes" and "diabetes" when you mean both. But don't say "diabetes" when you mean "type 2 diabetes."

Unknown said...

I saw the show and while I'm a T2 I do agree that they missed the opportunity to cover T1, LADA, etc. I'd give the episode a grade of 60 out of 100. Why? Because unfortunately when you deal with John and Jane Q. Public it is an issue. If you don't scare the heck out of them with the worst case scenario then they don't listen. So still - why so high a grade? Because if even ONE person is able to wake up and prevent the onset of their diabetes or help minimize complications then the show will have done its job. Another issue I had is that the statement that T2 is lifestyle related. They did cover themselves in an aside later on when they said 90% but there are T2 where it runs in the family (mine included) regardless of lifestyle. But let's all be positive - a show like this; Army Wives and Men of a Certain Age featuring diabetic characters in a lead roles - all these help raise awareness of the issue. Too long have PWD been treated just a notch above the disgraced teenager who got pregnant and was sent away to stay with an aunt. There's a long road to travel - but these tiny baby steps will help. And you know - the show could have been much worse by giving out lots of misinformation. I spotted two things I really didn't care for - one was the "sugar scale" which Dr. Oz had rolled out because it will just reinforce the "sugar is bad but you can have that potato" myth and the other was when they showed the Walgreen's table at that church and did "a blood test" which was no more than a simple BG check. They could have gotten Bayer to give them a bunch of the new A1c Now Self Check test to use instead. Oh well - sorry Kelly - I'm getting off the soapbox now. Cheers!