Tuesday, March 2, 2010

D Is For.....

D is for Diabetes - and everything that goes along with it~

I is for I - As in: “I'm a PWD (Person With Diabetes) and I don’t resemble Wilfred Brimley in the slightest."

(I also stands for INTELLECT -As in being a person with diabetes requires a certain degree of intellect on my part regarding my diabetes care. I’m acutely aware of that fact.

Medical professionals, drug companies, and John Q. Public, please make note of my intellect and that I am an exert on the subject of living with diabetes and I will do the same for you.

A is for the asinine things people say to me regarding diabetes. Examples include but are not limited too: “Your not allowed to eat cupcakes.” “Your parents fed you too much sugar as a child,” or "You take insulin? You must have the betes really bad!'

Some people are idiots.

B is for Bullsh*t: As in dealing with Bullsh*t on a daily basis. As PWDs, we deal with so much B.S including, but not limited to; dealing with the crazy insurance rules and regulations that no man, woman or child should ever have to encounter, continually being watched by the Diabetes Police, crazy blood sugars for no reason and at usually at the most inopportune off moments, and doorknobs and their magnetic attraction to insulin pumps are just brief glimpses of the continual crap storm we encounter.

E is Extra, as in EXTRA Everything. As PWDs, we must continually carry extras of absolutely everything regarding our diabetes. Test strips, lancets, insulin, infusion sets, pump batteries, and patience. Lots and lots of extra patience.

T is for Type. As in Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Type 3, and Gestational.

(T also stands for tough- because all PWDs are tough)

E is for ENERGY. As in diabetes requires and takes a lot of energy. So as PWDs, we are required to have extra- see the E above the T for details

S is for STRONG and being strong requires STRENGTH. Diabetes forces us to be stronger every single day, whether we feel like it or not. And I’m incredibly grateful for the strength that being strong requires.


rachel said...

Love it...

Katie from SF said...

That's fantastic - and all so true Kelly! =)

Penny said...

Great post Kelly.
I wish there was a C in Diabetes though.
Cause C is for Cookies you know. :0)

George said...

B is for Badass. Because you are so bad ass!

A is for the Awesomeness that only you possess.

C is for the Caring person that you are and cupcakes. :)

O is for Overcoming difficulties because you my friend, inspire me.

N is for Never as in Never stop writing and blogging and being who you are. I would lose it if you weren't around!


Great post!!!

Crystal said...

Great post, k2.
All so true.

We are one, big fantastic bunch...

Mike said...

AWEsome post, Kelly!

Kellys Blogs said...

You rock, K2. So proud to be of the same name as you. :)

Auntly H said...

Could you turn this post into cards I could hand out to the clueless (and there are so many)?

HVS said...

so true!

(word verification:redness. Which one sees alot of, in diabetes...)

Shannon said...


Michael Hoskins said...

K is for Kelly.

K2 means she's not only Kelly, but she Kicks... in every way that AWEsomeness is possible.

To, the letter D not only entails those points you've made but is also includes Kerri, Kelly, George, Crystal, Shannon, Manny, Amy, ETC.... Thanks to you and EVERYONE for being a part of my D-world, as an inspiration and online friend who offers much-needed support.

Laura said...

This is aa great list, Kelly and really made me think. As a PWD T2 I've been in serious denial for a few years. I've recently started being more careful and conscious of my health and every time I come to your site I learn something new. Thanks for being so great!

Anonymous said...

Loved it!

Scott K. Johnson said...

George's comment made me laugh.

I like the T for tough and S for strong. Indeed.

AJ said...

So true. I can relate to so many of those. Ugh. One of my favorites "Do you have the bad type of diabetes" What?!