Friday, March 19, 2010

Diabetesalicious Lite: 3/19/10


Today's post is Diabetesalicious lite but diabetesaliciousness non the less~

Yours truly wrote a post over at at Health Central called: Diabetes or Not, Friends Look Out For Each Other. Stop on over and leave a comment (if you feel so inclined,) letting me know if you can relate!

File this in the "This is just plain ridiculous not to mention unhealthy" file. Donna Simpson of New Jersey wanted to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds fattest woman. Her current weight is 600 lbs and her target weight is 1000 lbs. I fell sorry for this woman and her family on so many levels. I hope that she gets the mental and physical help she needs so she can live to see her daughter grow up.

Yesterday's post, "Meters = Diabetes GPS System," was all about meter accuracy. Scott Strumello wrote an excellent and more detailed piece on the subject last night.

Bennet broached the subject at the beginning of the week and Kerri wrote a fantastic post this morning. Please check them out!

Want the FDA to know your thoughts? @BernardF tweeted a link to an FDA Document regarding blood sugar meter accuracy.They link takes you to both the document and a link requesting you to leave comments on the subject.

I have no doubt that the diabetes on-line community will set the FDA straight! Click HERE and leave let em know what you think!!!

Speaking of weighty issues, meter accuracy, and bolus worthy issues, today is National Chocolate Caramel Day- I kid you not, it really is. Go out and have a chocolate caramel or two- just be sure to test, bolus, & floss!


Katie from SF said...

Kelly! I just read your "friends" post and it made me all mushy. You are very lucky. Most of my non diabetic friends don't care to learn more about the D. They'll ask a question once in a while - and I always explain the situation to them. But it doesn't get very in-depth.

However, my boyfriend of 6 years knows my D inside and out, and understands the difference between types 1-3; when to use the glucagon; what to do if I have ketones; looks at my logs and makes recommendations on changes to my regimen, etc. He is absolutely fantastic in every way, but especially when it comes to the D. It's priceless. I totally feel you.

Cara said...

I loved the friends post. It was great.
As for the 600 lb woman....I read about her earlier in the week. She makes me so sad. :'(

Penny said...

Hey Kel - left a comment over at your other posting. You have a good friend there Kelly!

Did someone say caramel chocolate day? I'm all over it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder on FDA, K2. Check out my post (interview with Ellen Ullman) going up early tomorrow morning).

All the best,