Wednesday, March 31, 2010

“Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Stop Sniffing Glue.”

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.” Steve McCroskey - Airplane

Every single time I think about (or attempt to start) basal testing, that’s the line that goes through my head- cause I'm weird like that. Sidebar: I LOVE the movie AIRPLANE!

But seriously- it looks like I picked the wrong week to start basal testing.

As of late, my numbers have been all over the place. I’ve been running low after dinner straight on towards midnight and waking up with high numbers the past 3 days.

The Trend graph on my borrowed CGM looks like the letter M, except of course when it looks like the letter W.

I’m not used to this crap- my a1cs are normally around 6.8. Is this what 6.8 looks like?

I don’t bloody think so!

I’m getting frustrated for several reasons, all of them valid.

  1. I don’t like the thought of not eating and I don’t like the thought of being still.
  2. Lets face it, the morning high numbers are not the best way to kick start my day folks.
  3. There’s a chance that I might be fighting off an infection that’s causing these highs (I have to get a molar pulled and my sinuses are still clogged,) and there’s also a good chance that I’m just making excuses for said blood sugar highs.
  4. Basal testing during the Easter weeks makes it difficult to enjoy Sunday’s carrot cake.
  5. I have a meeting with Gary next week to discuss my basal rates and have to turn in my borrowed cgm, so the whole window of testing my basal rates is running out and I need to take my “big girl” pill and get on with it. So I am.

Today’s basal test will commence at 1pm and last until 10pm. No eating, lots of blood sugar testing, and of course, uber amounts of bitching on my end, which should make work veeerrrryyy interesting~

“We have clearance Clarence.” Proceed with the basal testing- and don't call me Shirley!

War is hell - so is basal testing…


Unknown said...

I think all basal testing should come with doctored quotations pulled from Airplane.

Penny said...

Oh I love Airplane! 'You speak jive?' that cracks me up each and every time.
Yep, pull on the big girl panties and get on with it. Just think how you will feel when it's all done!
Speaking of crazy numbers, is it just G and you - cause she is running so very high these past 3 days and I can't figure it out? The weather? The endless rain?
Good luck with it Kelly! You can do it!

Unknown said...

Outstanding! "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley."

This has made my day. It really doesn't get any better than this. Ok. Maybe. If Caddyshack or Spaceballs were in there somewhere...


meanderings said...

Hope it's going ok!

Scott S said...

To steal a quote from Airplane II: "Oh, cut the bleeding heart crap, will ya? We've all got our switches, lights, and knobs to deal with, Striker. I mean, down here there are literally hundreds and thousands of blinking, beeping, and flashing lights, blinking and beeping and flashing - they're *flashing* and they're *beeping*. I can't stand it anymore! They're *blinking* and *beeping* and *flashing*! Why doesn't somebody pull the plug!"

Why doesn't somebody pull the plug on all this diabetes "control" stuff and just cure this damn disease???!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I am totally with you on being unorganized.

1700 lancets? You have enough to supply the entire DOC for a generation or two!