Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Roadside Craptacular Expansion Project Continues

Heaven or Hell? - Photo via my iPhone

Photographic evidence taken by yours truly that that New jersey/America's Roadside Craptacular project is indeed in it's expansion stage. The above photograph was taken at the Atlantic City Frank S. Farley Service Plaza located on the Garden State Parkway, Eastbound Side, Mile Marker 20.4 on 3/10/2010

Part of me wanted to genuflect in front of this alter to the High Fructose Corn Syrup Conglomerate Gods and the other part (the rational, healthy, High Fructose Corn Syrup hating part,)was thoroughly disgusted.

Several people stopped as I took pics of the alter of HFCS and one person asked if I had a candy fetish, but I digress.

The photograph below was taken at the same service plaza, Westbound side, on November 18th, and posted on this blog Diabetesaliciousness on the same day.

Nobody loves Reese's peanut Butter Cups more than I do, but this is absolutely ridiculous!

No need to wonder why Americans have problems with obesity & clogged arteries, and type 2 Diabetes in young people.

What are your thoughts?

Photo via my iPhone


Cara said...

My thoughts are, "If you are at a rest area, more than likely you've been sitting for an extended amount of time because you've been driving....Do you REALLY need something that fattening and unhealthy if all you're going to do is get BACK in your car and SIT some more??"

Unknown said...

I'm routinely shocked by the number of people I meet who don't understand - or care! - about basic nutrition. They don't stop to think about what goes in their mouths, they don't stop to wonder about preservatives or whatever, and they could care less about simple concepts like carbs vs sugar ("No, really, carbs end up as sugar - a cupcake and an apple have a lot in common"). That we're going to health hell in a handbasket is no surprise, but I can never figure out if I should be mad at the conglomerates or the people who are so careless with their lives. I think a lot about WALL-E and the future it predicts...

Also: I like that your second pic got Pizza Hut and KFC logos in from behind "the Snack Zone"!

Katie from SF said...

OH. MY. GOSH. I have NEVER seen anything like that in California. AMAZING! (Terrible, gross, fascinating, and fantastic all at the same time!!!) ;-)

Rachel said...


Meri said...

We have an outlet mall here in town that has these things ALL OVER. Including an M&M one. I honestly hesitate to bring my boys school clothes shopping there, because these machines beckon to them! And on another rantish note...why must there be a candy aisle at the craft store right next to the register????

Khürt said...

What would you replace it with and would it be financially viable?

Penny said...

My childhood is filled with stopping at Frank Farley service plaza on the way down 42 to the shore. There is a beautiful farmers market that operates out of there in the spring and summer. My memories of it are filled with that - baskets of fruit, apples, peaches, etc. No candy vending machines when I was a kiddo at Farley.

I haven't stopped at Farley in the last 10 years or so. I make my kids drive the whole way to the shore without stopping. Bad Mommy that I am. Sorry, if you gotta pee, hold it, we will be there in 15 minutes is what I tell 'em.

You are right Kelly. When as parents our kids are surrounded by this stuff, what are they to think? Of course they will choose this when there are no other options. Makes me sad and makes me think that with so little options, at times, I think it's a lot of work to eat healthy.

SarahK said...

That is pretty bad that those are popping up everywhere. We're fussed at for being an overweight country, but yet we're being bombarded daily with things like this to tempt us. Which, I can't lie.. the first think I thought of when I saw the picture was "OOOoo! Dippin Dots!".

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rachel.

k2 said...


Glad u noticed the logos in the second pic!
And yes, people don't think what they are putting in their mouths when it comes to food. Unhealthy conglomerates pay big bucks to entice people and they are doing a great job of converting folks to the dark side!


Rachel -

Those machines beckon EVERYONE. The reason for the candy isle in the craft store is simple: MONEY.

Those machines are not financially viable to the consumer only to the seller, Prices range from $1.50 to $3.00 dollars per item.

In the long run, those vending machines are contributing to the fattening and continued poor health of the American people - which will cost us millions, if not billions in the long run.

Secondly: They could be replaced with more options like, water; sparkling water, sun chips, nuts, soy chips, baked potato chips, granola bars, breakfast bars, larabars, and the likes there of.

As Americans we need healthy alternatives to the constant barrage of crap we consume.

Penny- The "Hap" Farley Service Plaza still has the Farmers Market, but only in the summer.
Your smart to tell your kids to "hold it in!'

We need healthy food choices- Americans lives literally depend on it!

Sarah- I understand where your coming from, the first time I saw the Reese's PB cup vending machine I screamed "OHHHHH PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!"

One Vending machine filled with Candy is OK, but 3, plus 2 with sugary drinks??? COME ON AMERICA!

AGREED- and thanks for commenting!

Shannon said...

This is the precise spot where I want my next low to occur.

jpnairn said...

I notice that it is NOT simply KFC and Pizza Hut in that second picture. It is KFC Express, and Pizza Hut Express, because fast food isn't fast enough, we need fast food Express.
Vending machines are a rip off.
Ironically, if you look for bargains, you can get more calorie bang for your buck buying junk food rather than fresh, healthy food in your supermarket.
That is really sad to me.

Unknown said...


Shannon: Exactly! Oh, to be able to harness a low in these spots...

(Sigh... Again.)