Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diabetes Supply √Checklist - Just To Walk Out The Door In The Morning~

Hannah from Dorkabetic tweeted something today that really got thinking:

@dorkabetic Murphy's Law of Diabetes:The day you forget 2bring extra pump supplies 2work,something will cause you 2have pump issues. UGH.

She's right! Every single time I walkout the door I have a multitude of things I must bring with me. Like Hannah (and like all of us,) I've been in the situation where I've needed Diabetes/pump supplies at the most inopportune of times and have been without.

So because of Hannah's tweet, I started typing a Checklist of sorts.

On a typical workday the following items leave the house with me.

Extra Pump Supplies
Tester & Test Strips
Insulin - just because you never know when you might need it. FYI - I don't always carry insulin with me just to walk out the door for the day.
Extra Test Strips/lancets just in case
Lara Bars
Two 24 ounce Water Bottles, because girlfriend needs to hydrate!
Spare pump battery
Lunch and or lunch money
Penny to unscrew lid on pump in order to change said "spare battery
Emergency $$ just in case I really get hungry and need more food/batteries/shiny things
Movie size box of SweeTarts in side pocket of driver side door for behind the wheel lows
Extra infusion sets in consul of car - just in case
Cell Phone
Work Bag
Work documentation in said work bag
Reading glasses/regular glasses, extra contacts & contact case w/saline. Why? Because since the whole 1 in a million thing happened, I need to be able to switch up my vision options @ will. Sometimes my eyes get tired and I need to switch from my contacts to my glasses.
Favorite Lipstick (s)

Whether I like it or not, I'm a high maintenance kind of gal. Yes, a big part of the reason is diabetes related, and the other "BIG" reasons are Kelly/ "k2" related.

What's on your checklist? Have you ever been in a situation where you needed backup diabetes accoutrement /supplies and been without?


Anonymous said...

Thank God I work a half a mile from home. I am nowhere near this organized!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Just last week my pump warned me to change my battery. The fact that I didn't have a spare meant I was able to leave a meeting early, that I didn't want to be at in the first place! I considered it good karma.

Casey said...

For daily stuff, Just a spare battery and a nickle to open the battery compartment. I have pump supplies at work, but not sure why. I dont carry insulin with me. I can get home within an hour of where I am on any given "normal" days. I probably should have more crap with me. I just dont. I do carry waterbottles. empty ones though... ;)

Becca / SingleWhiteDiabetic said...

I'm the same as Tristan - I just go home if I have pump issues.

I did head out on an overnight trip last week and thought I was all prepared. I knew I was almost out of strips so grabbed a bottle off the counter and threw it in my bag. I went to test an hour into the trip and found there was only one strip in the bottle I grabbed. Doh! Stopped at Walgreens and shelled out $30 for 25 strips...lesson learned.

Unknown said...

You know, it all depends on how far away from home I will be that day.

MOST days I can also leave behind the lipstick and things of that sort... :-p