Thursday, June 17, 2010

Internal Diabetes BullSh*t Filter Switch Is Flipped

I couldn't sleep after last nights twitter cage match with Dr. "Shit For Brains, Diabetes Bible Cure" @Doncolbert . I was enraged. Apparently, he didn't agree with my post/assessment of his snake oil Bible Cure book.
I was on the road all day today and am just getting back on the Twitter/Blog track.
Instead of writing about what happened last night, I thought I'd just let you read it.
And big shout out to Ellen (@CureT1Diabetes ) for DMing me with his twitter info!
Shoutouts to all who tweeted with the Bad Dr., you guys ROCK!
BIG PROPS to Becky , Kerri , &Sarah for writing fantastical posts about the Bad Dr. Colbert!
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Since your making $$ of my disease, please answer my question. Does your"Diabetes bible cure" cure Type 1 diabetes???
@diabetesalic @DonColbert You say in your book "regardless of which type of diabetes you have, God can heal either 1 w/out effort or difficulty."
@diabetesalic @DonColbert @diabetesalic Kelly, I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of miracles. I believe you can be healed of anything if you just ask God.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert So please, I beg you, give me the name of a person with type 1 #diabetes that God has cured.
@DonColbert @diabetesalic Type I can be controlled through diet, exercise, and supplements. I have seen few cases of it being cured.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert You stated The "diabetesbiblecure" could cure eithr type regardless. Here, this refresh your memory.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Not real clear here. U R telling @CureT1diabetes that u cant cure t1, but here you say u can:
@DonColbert @diabetesalic Kelly, results speak for themselves. If you do have Type I diabetes, try out some of the recommendations in the book.
@diabetesalic ATTN: DOC'ers, feel 2share your thoughts w/ @DonColbert author of the DibetesBibleCure , Wrote about it on Mon.
@diabetesalic D-O-C:Share your thoughts w/ @DonColbert,author of the DibetesBibleCure, Wrote about it on Mon.@curet1diabetes is
@diabetesalic @Sugar_Nova @curet1diabetes tweeting with @DonColbert , the author of diabetesbiblecure - think I might hav mentioned it on Mon& Tuws
@diabetesalic @Doncolbert Nobody prayed harder than my parents or my sister 4 a cure for t1diabetes.My sister still died. Did they not pray enough?
I @diabetesalic disagree @DonColbert. This girls parents prayed I believe you are spreading false hope to million
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Please, Don, give me the names & contact #'s for these cured type 1's. And the name of their endocrinologists
@diabetesalic @DonColbert I've been a type1 for over 30 years.Im in great health,I eat right& have conversations w/God daily-we're buds. Still a diabetic
DonColbert @diabetesalic God did not kill your sister Kelly. God loves you and your sister as much as he does anyone.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Don, I never, ever said that God killed my sister, are you on crack? I said she prayed! Of course God loves us
@diabetesalic @DonColbert What does the FDA have to say re: these suppliments? Send me the info, along w/the names & contact #'s of the cured t1 diabetics
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Im offended that you said, I said that God killed my sister. You continually say if you pray heard enough- GOd can cure anything
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Can you send me the "results" and or studies that you speak of? Seriously, my readers would LOVE to know about them.
@DonColbert @diabetesalic Kelly, false hope would be telling people with type I or type II that taking a shot every day is the best answer. It's not.
diabetesalic BS! RT @DonColbert @diabetesalic False hope would be telling people w/ type1/II that taking a shot every day is the best answer.It's not.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Your full of crap Dr. I do not produce insulin- the area of my pancreas that makes it is destroyed. We need insulin 2live.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert How would you suggest I get the insulin my body no longer makes ?? Drink it?
@diabetesalic BS! RT @DonColbert @diabetesalic False hope would be telling people w/ type1/II that taking a shot every day is the best answer.It's not.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Your a Dr. What went wrong here? Unfortunately that poor child's insulin was withheld
How much $$ do you make from the supplements/herbs and book sales Dr? How much is spent on research? How much goes to charity?
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Glad you believe that,I believe god is w/me everyday &the miracle he's performed on me is giving me an internal bullshit radar
@diabetesalic @DonColbert God has given me the tools 2live a healthy&happy life -even if I do have a broken pancreas. He/She has given me many giftst
DonColbert @diabetesalic Would you like me to tell you that's God's best for you? Because in my heart, I believe God can perform a miracle for you.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert I would like you to tell me that you are making a shitload of money preaching a cure to millions. How many actually get cured?
@diabetesalic DonColbert I want you 2tell me what you cleared last year on your Diabetesbiblecure book sales &then I want you 2tell me how many u cured
@diabetesalic @DonColbert While your at it, I want you to tell me that she didn't pray hard enough to cure my sisters and I.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Dr, how many folks got sick with your methods? What are the numbers in that particular area of the study?
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Tell me Don, what aren't the millions of people with type 1 & type 2 diabetes saying wrong in their prayers for a cure?
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Don, I've introduced thousands of people to your book this past week. Please, tell them what they are doing wrong
@diabetesalic @sstrumello @DonColbert Re: t1's staying on insulin- That's not what you say in your book Don.
@diabetesalic Please anwer my question @DonColbert. This girls' parents prayed, so why did she die?
@diabetesalic @talesofrachel @sixuntilme HE's still not answered our questions.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Since your now backtracking on your books claims, will you be reimbursing all the people who bought your book?
@diabetesalic @DonColbert So Don, how much$$ do these miracle pills cost?? Are they FDA approved? Will my insurance cover them? Yeah, I didnt think so
DonColbert @diabetesalic God gave us medicine to avoid these kind of tragedies.
@diabetesalic @DonColbert No, scientists gave us medicine Don. God gave them the brains.
@diabetesalic @talesofrachel is 1 of the most healthy people /t2's I know @DonColbert. She eats whole foods,exercises,vitamins,etc. Still,she has diabetes
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Yes indeed,Dr Banting& Dr Best gave millions & millions of people with diabetes life! And yet,you still say insulin is over RXd
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Don, do you supplements help to grow new islets of langerhans?? Cause if they did, that would REALLY be something!
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Don, I was checking out your supplement pricing and packages. Many cost more than insulin
@diabetesalic @DonColbert Don,miracles happen every day.Lotus grows out of mud, Boston won the 2004Series,Banting&Best discovered insulin& saved millions
@diabetesalic AND.....SCENE.

@diabetesalic Scientists gave us the medicine,God gave them brains RT @DonColbert: @diabetesalic God gave us meds 2avoid these kind of tragedies.
@diabetesalic Seriously, Im done now. Friends, goodnight, godbless, take your bloodsugar. Then; eat, pray, bolus. Wash, rinse, repeat.
It was so hard to read all the tweets - I really need a good tweet option - any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I did it too!! See?

Jacquie said...

Whoa dude. I've been so busy all week, and I missed it! Bullshit indeed. Also, I love you for this.

Niko Donburi said...

I can see it now....

Mr. Type1 Diabetic returns home from a long day at work. "Guess what, honey?"

"What, dear?" says his loving wife as he enters the room.

"They've managed to cure type 1 diabetes!" he proudly exclaims.

She furrows her brow. "They did? But I thought type 1 was incurable?"

He nods, then grins. "So did I, but I read about it on Twitter today. All I have to do is pray!"

She smiles. "On Twitter? Oh my, in that case it must be true! Everyone who is anyone is on Twitter these days so it makes sense you'd hear about it there first."

He nods. "Yep. So you can stop making that crappy low glycemic index laden food and throw out my insulin." He reaches down and rips his infusion set from his side. "And I certainly don't need this anymore!"

Her eyes widen. "Does this mean...?" Her voice trails off in anticipation.

With a large laugh he grabs her and twirls her around. "You bet! Tonight we're having ALL THE PIZZA we want!"

"And regular Coke, too?" she asks.

He nods his head as she squeals with delight.

"Isn't Twitter wonderful!" he exclaims as they head out the door. "And to think I was under the impression my pancreas was burned out. Thank goodness for @Doncolbert and his tweets or I'd have been misled forever!"

SarahK said...

I read all the tweets last night. I was hurt. Everytime "healing" and "diabetes" is brought up in the same sentence, it's like pouring salt on my wounds.
I grew up in a Penticostal Holiness church. I have had countless numbers of people pray for me, anoint me with oil, even speak in tongues around me, yet I'm still diabetic.
Not that their prayers were in vain, because I believe that it was their prayers that have helped me stay as healthy as I have for the past 22 years of being diabetic. Not that I don't believe that God couldn't heal us, because I believe that it could happen - but it will be in His time, not ours. But I agree 100% whole-heartedly with you that He gave scientists the brains to come up with the best treatments for us.
I refuse to believe that being 100% healed is God's only answer for us.
The only book we need to look to and study in regards to anything wrong (sickness, disease, problems, etc) in our lives is the Bible. Others may disagree with me, but it's what I've always turned to, not some guy trying to make a buck off of gullable, despirate people.

Jonathan L said...

Maybe this Doc could use money from his book to BUY A CLUE!

I recently read an article about 7 words that shoudn't be used in medical articles, books, headlines. The list was made by Dr. Gary Schwitzer (I don't know anything about him, I like his list though!)


I find it very frustrating when anyone claims a cure for diabetes - especially when they don't differentiate between T1 and T2. Even for people with type 2 there is no magic pill and one "cure" won't work for every last person!

Also, I'm positive my T1 local Reverend wouldn't promise a cure from G-d!

In any case, that Doc Colbert was so full of hope that I am inspired to pray for both my thyroid and pancreas tonight. I think G-d has a Twitter, maybe I should just ask directly. :)

Katie from SF said...

Well, hopefully (doubtful though) you opened his mind. I don't ask God to cure my diabetes. I ask him for the strength to manage it the way I should. And I ask him for a cure for others. Don't let this idiot get you down Kelly. Although, he is a RAGING (money making) idiot! xoxoxo

Penny said...

WTH Kelly??? Just reading the tweets makes my blood boil. So I am supposed to pray about this T1 that my 7 year old has and just if I do it really, really hard and in the right way, then POOF it will be gone? Yeah and pigs fly.

My bet he doesn't have one single T1 in his family. My bet is he has cured no one. My bet is his pockets are lined with money of people desperate to believe in him. And here I thought 'Thy shalt not lie' was actually one of the 10 Commandments. Silly me.

Sara said...

So where does all this fit in with what I posted a few weeks ago about God and seatbelts -

phonelady said...

some idiots just never fail to amaze me .

Nan said...

omygosh!!! how did i miss this twitter fest??? all i can say is you rock k2!! we need to call out these guys more often!! oh...and i need to go bolus C for her bedtime snack...and say prayers!

Scott Strange said...

he seems to be a textbook example of a "douche bag"

There was once a flood and a devout soul was stranded on his roof. A canoe came by offered him a ride, but he declined saying that God would save him. The waters kept rising and soon a motorboat approached. The man again refused, devout in his belief that God would save him. Soon the waters forced the man to the very peak of the roof and a helicopter appeared, only to be waved off since "God would save him". Soon the man appeared at the Pearly Gates confused and asked Saint Peter why God didn't save him? Saint Peter frowned for a second and checked the book in front of him. He said "Well, it seems He sent a canoe, a motorboat AND a helicopter. God did try to save you only to be saddened by your death, not to the flood waters, but to your own arrogance.

Meri said...

Thank you for taking on this a**. You awe me with your wonderfulness Kelly.

Anonymous said...

I am also ticked to know that a pharmacy is selling his books - have you thought about complaining to that corporation?

I keep watching his tweets -

Ellen @curet1diabetes