Friday, August 6, 2010

Diabetesalicious Lite - 8/6/10 Edition

Happy Friday and welcome to the Diabetesalicious Lite edition for 8/6/10

Yesterdays post regarding "confusion" and HFCS generated some great discussion and you'll be hearing more about it in the coming weeks, I promise.
Until then, take Scott Strumello's suggestion via his comment on yesterday's post, and follow @Banofhfcs on twitter. Ivan knows his hfcs facts & then some!

Our friend Gary Schiener is the latest member of the D-clan to guest star in "The Betes Now."
Check him out HERE!

Won't to learn about the diabetes Dark Ages? Stop by ACT 1Diabetes & read "The Pissing Evils - Diabetes Back In The Day," by clicking HERE. We've come a long way in the diabetes technology department- THANK GOD.

Want to win a copy of Tu Diabetes No-Sugar Added Book of Diabetes Poetry? Of course you do! Stop by The Butter Compartment, because Lee Ann Thill has a contest where you can win a copy! Click HERE for details!

True Fact: Astronauts cannot burp in space. There is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in their stomachs. And know you know ~

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Lee Ann Thill said...

Trying to catch up a little after being at BlogHer and battling bed bugs as a result - it was a long weekend. Anyhoo, on the bright side, this super cool diabetes blogger posted about my art contest which fills me with delight!

So thanks a bunch, Kelly! As ALWAYS, you rock!