Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Way Back Wednesday: Freckled Finger Tips REVISITED

This poem was originally posted 1/8/08 - way back when Diabetesaliciousness was only a few months old. Not to many folks were reading the blog and I was learning all the wonders of the Diabetes On-Line Community. I'm still learning all the wonders of our community and I'm so grateful for that. Anywho, I thought I'd reintroduce you to Freckled Finger Tips - Hope you like it!

My fingers tips are freckled with dots.
Dots that rest on callouses,
Calluses caused by continually pricking them with a lance
Which pierces my finger tips for a blood drop.
A blood drop that is placed on a strip,
A strip that is placed in a machine,
A machine that's a indeed quick study.
5 seconds later a number appears.
If the number is high, I feel tired and guilty
and bolus accordingly.
If the number is low
I already know before it appears.
I shake, sweat, and feel light headed
My appetite is insatiable.
Quickly I grab the juice box
And I try my best to remember the rule;
15 carbs at a time to treat a low blood sugar - yeah right!
If it's in the golden range of Blood Sugar Nirvana
I'm proud and relieved -
Until the cycle starts all over again.
I find test strips everywhere
In places they were never meant to be.
The type 3's in my life yell at me regarding my test strip trail
I will never be a hand model...But that's OK....

Life is sweet and I go with the flow~

Photos courtesy of my iPhone


Anonymous said...

Hey, I actually remember this one! Way back in the day before my regular D-Blogging... Recall mentioning it to Suzi and printing it out at work to hang up at home. Somehow, that never happened and I lost it. :( So, now there's a new chance! Thanks for sharing it again, Kelly!

diabetesgirl said...

Hey Kelly - This is great!
I was just looking at my own fingers this morning (we've been pitting plums since the weekend) and my finger tips are stained which really makes the tiny puncture marks noticeable!

Unknown said...


That totally rocked....but...

I kinda makes me sad too.

Unknown said...

Loved it then. Love it now. :-)