Thursday, August 26, 2010

"With My Friends,The Fun Never Ends..." WHY? Because They Rock

For some reason, I had the immortal words of Sugasheen stuck in my head this morning- for realz!
I was literally singing "All the diabetics, all the diabetics," this morning as I tested my blood sugar, FYI it was 130.

Maybe it was because I participated in #DSMA on "the twitter" last night (the brain child of the AWEsome & founding SugaSheen member Cherise Shockley) and was surrounded by wonderful friends - all PWDs and all fantastical.

Maybe it was because as of late I've been thinking alot about our mutual friend, Ninjabetic and Sugasheen co-founder George "Ninjabetic" Simmons ,who's celebrating his 20th Diaversary by raising money and participating in a JDRF walk on October 2nd.

It might have been because World Diabetes Day on November 14th,2010 isn't that far off and I'm trying to figure out a game plan.

Or Maybe it was because I miss my friends and this video makes me smile and sing, and want to test my blood sugar every single time I see it!

Without further adieu - SUGASHEEN & "All The Diabetics!"

PS: If by reading todays post, SugaSheens song and dance moves get stuck in your head to the point that your damn near annoyed, then my job here is done!


SarahK said...

LOL! Yes, they truely do ROCK!
I was talking with Cherise last night and she had to go get something, so Niya was left to entertain me. She danced and sang "All the Diabetics" 'til Cherise came back.
So between Niya and the DSMA chat, I've had "All the Diabetics" in my mind's MP3 player all morning!!

George said...

I am smiling from ear to ear. So is Sheen! :)

Love You heaps and way more than bacon.

Penny said...

Fabulosity Kel!
Anything happening in the city for WDD? I haven't heard a peep out of anyone about it.... if you know, let us know and we will be there!

Lee Ann Thill said...

The #dsma chat last night was awesome, and the DOC totally rocks!

Unknown said...




Man. I love that :)

Great choreography, btw!

Anonymous said...

Job well done. Even at this 4 a.m. hour. This will help make Friday even brighter. You ROCK, indeed!

Meri said...

Just a little BTW: I woke up for our 1:30am check with that song playing in my head. It was like background music to my checks!

Unknown said...

We have so many great people in our family. I am grinning like a fool thinking about all of the love.