Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kelly & The Fanatastical Bike Ride~

Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race. ~ H.G. Wells

I thought of that while riding my bicycle. ~ Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike
. ~ John F. Kennedy

I’ll admit it had been a while since I’d embraced my athletic side. As you all know, I’ve had my problems with metatersalgia , thanks to what my family calls, "The Kunik Curse of The High Arches" and was stubborn about embracing new forms of cardio. As of late, I’ve been more of an "athletic supporter,” (and YES, I know exactly what I just typed and how it sounds and I don't care) instead of an athlete.

But this past Saturday was one FANTASTICAL Indian summer day here on the east coast, and that's where our story begins.

Instead of enjoying the great out doors, I was trying (and I say that because I did make the effort, even though not much got accomplished,) to catch up on blog and diabetes related work. I was burned out from being “plugged in” to my laptop and I needed a break. I'd been feeling burned out on all types of levels, some diabetes related, and some not.

I was sitting inside stewing and trying to staying focused, and that just wasn't happening.

This chicklet needed some wind in her sails that didn’t contain caffeine or a charger for her laptop. No, it was my internal batteries and spirits that needed recharging.

It was sunny and 78 degrees, and there was a slight crispy breeze in the air. My thoughts turned to my bike, and the fact that I’d recently (OK, my friend Emily) had recently filled my tires with air. I’d just had my lunch and my blood sugar pre meal was 120.

I quickly ate a Lara bar and turned on my temporary bolus. I cut back my basal rate by almost ¾’s and I was good to go. I grabbed another Larabar “just in case”, my cell phone, my emergency $5, and my house key. I put afore mention objects in my teeny, tiny, bag reserved just for long walks. Then I put on sunglasses and hopped on my bike, a 3-speed beach cruiser, purple in color, but not what one would call fancy.

I started pedaling and all of a sudden I was 13 again. I wasn’t worried about schedules, where I had to be, or what I had to complete. There were no ticking clocks or time constraints, no sense of urgency to complete my ride. I could just "be” and enjoy all this moment had to offer.

I rode for over and hour and probably logged about 3.5 miles. It was glorious and I felt great! As I pedaled, I laughed out loud and kicked my feet in the air - felt free and alive! And yes, I’ve been known to be a bit “dramatical,” but I’m telling you, it was awesome!

And for the next 24 hours, I was once again reminded of how approximately 60 minutes of exercise out of the 1,440 minutes that make up a 24 hour day, affect our blood sugar and our minds in the most positive of ways. My blood sugars and my spirits were textbook perfect. And you can bet your sweet and finely toned gluteus maximus that I plan to make this habit!

If you don’t believe me, try it yourself and let me know how it all works out~


Martin Wood said...

"I wasn’t worried about schedules, where I had to be, or what I had to complete. I could just "be” and enjoy all this moment had to offer."

That is exactly why I love to ride my bike. There is no room on a bike for all the baggage, both literally and figuratively. It's just about the ride, and that peace and connection of being in the moment, on two wheels, the changing scenery, and the tangibility of being the motor that is getting you somewhere.

Great...now I want to go on a bike ride and I'm stuck at work. Thanks a lot K2! =)

The poor diabetic said...

Wow I just had a flash of that Kevin Bacon movie, Quicksilver and I don't know why...LOL
Cycling will always be my first love after Rugby that is, I try to do at least a couple thousand miles in the year before the snow forces me indoors (pedometer currently reads 1247) but its also a great feel the wind under your sail kinda thing and aerobics. 3.5 miles was a great start and hopefully you can keep it going

Jen said...

You just motivated me to go for a bike ride! The weather in Chicago has been AMAZING and so my goal is to get on my bike sometime within the next 7 days.

George said...

Why don't I ride my bike? I love it and I just never do it.

You have inspired me. Thanks K2.


Penny said...

Love it Kel! So glad you got out and on it!
G is most herself when she is free-wheelin - giggling, laughing and you are so very right, BGLs damn near perfect.

Unknown said...

It is one of Bridget and Joe's favorite things to do. I have a bike...hubby doesn't. But the kids and I have a blast cruising around trails and biking to local parks. Good times...and great BGs. Good for you.

Auntly H said...

hmmm. I sense another Pancremaniac in the making! :)

Renata said...

When you said you felt like you were 13 again...it reminded me of an old Friends episode. The one where Phoebe runs thru the park like a little kid because it's much more fun than running like a serious adult. I don't know I just got this goofy visual of you riding with your feet out smiling big....

We've been in NZ for over a year and would you believe our bikes are still packed?

Unknown said...

I feel like a kid again just reading this....and I just got 1 year closer to 40 last weekend!

Now that we're not melting in the desert, I'm looking forward to getting out for a ride with my girls.

Thanks for the reminder that life is good :)

Brenda Bell said...

I recognize the "athletic supporter" line from Arlene Francis's principal in Grease (the movie). Loved the little squirm after she realized what she had just said.

I've not yet registered for the 2011 Tour de Cure (on my need-to-do-ASAP list). Of course I'll do Basking Ridge again since it's my "home" Tour... but if you're interested (and I can get The Other Half to drive there and back), I could be persuaded into considering the Jersey Shore Tour de Cure as well. Something like "Team Diabetesaliciousness" or "Team DOC"???