Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Not Going To Over Think Mexican Food- But I Am Going To Try A Different Approach~

Tonight I’ll be dining at my favorite Mexican restaurant with some of my favorite folks in the world and I couldn't be happier!

BUT, (and YES, there's a but,) this will mean that there's a very good chance that achieving a post meal Blood Sugar Nirvana might not happen at all.

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for the chips & salsa, but I never order rice.

Still, I never seem to be able to make Mexican food work for me. For some reason the chips and salsa, fish tacos and Cactus Salad make my blood sugars reach for the sky! As does the chicken or veggie fajitas, chorizo and black bean soup, etc.

So instead of thinking about it until it makes me crazier than usual, I've decided to make Mexican food work WITH me. YEP, yours truly is going to embrace the Temporary Basal rate and increase it by 1/2 and for 2.5 hours- both during the meal and after.

And like always, I'll count my carbs, go extra heavy on the hot sauce and enjoy my meal!

I'll also be testing like crazy afterwards, and that's OK.

Hell, I might even change my lancet!

I'll make this work. But even if I don't, I 'm trying, and TRYING in both life and diabetes eventually leads to figuring things out and actually DOING.

And you know what? THAT works for me~


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your meal!

You must ALWAYS change your lancett!! It's not good to test with an old needle. ->

FatCatAnna said...

We have this great Mexican restaurant across the border (Plattsburgh, NY) - and I'm like you - with chips/salsa (it's sooo good) - even better the green drinky poos - you know with lime salt on them - slurp, slurp. I just do a combo bolus with my pump (or with MDI-either way works) - and then just test abit more to keep my BG's level. Main thing is to enjoy yourself - dance around the Mexican hat - do NOT grab the bull by the horns (very sharp). It's not like we eat Mexican food every day!
If you do have rice - try to have one with beans (e.g. black are my fav) - find the combo with rice tends to help not make me spike up. I don't toot so badly the next day as well (have been known to do tunes). \\^^//

Tricia said...

I don't know if you're a drinker at all or not, but I have found that when I eat the crazy to figure out foods like Chinese, Mexican, and pizza - if I have a plain margarita or 1-2 beers with the meal, it tends to help prevent or completely prevent the spike later on... I guess something about the alcohol keeping the liver busy so the liver can't put out the glucose later on causing the spike... I don't know the physiology of it, but I do know that for me, it works every time!

Penny said...

That's my gal!!!! YES - you go out and eat and try to make it work. That's our motto girlfriend - whether at Randazzle's (wink wink) or a Mexican place - we will find a way to make it work. You can only try it and see what happens - then it informs you for the next time you eat it or go there.
Darn right that we went out to eat as a family tonight and G shared a mousse dessert with Daddy as a treat. I bolus-guessed a 30 on it and did a temp basal of +30% for 2 hours.
Damn mousse. Damn straight she ate it.

Renata said...

Awe come on now, no reason to get all crazy and change your lancet....

Sunny said...

You mean you would actually change your lancet? Will wonders never cease!! This calls for a toast.

Khürt L Williams said...

It took me awhile but I can make Mexican work for me. The key was in reducing the amount of carb. I skip the tortillas, enchilada and tacos and eat the meat, beans, and rice. With the rice, I have one serving (1 cup cooked) and no more. This limits my carb intake to less than 60g and I never have a problem.

Karen said...

Yup, Mexican food is the hardest for me - harder than pizza or Chinese or french fries. I always use the temp basal. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But like you said, we're trying and that is what counts. How did it work out for you?

Bunny said...

Good to see I'm not the only one who can't be bothered to change the lancet. I have piles of them in the walk-in closet.

I never reuse insulin needles, but those lancets...well, damn...after you use one 20-30 times, you've formed a bond, a relationship -- breaking up is hard to do!

Besides, nothing like a dull lancet to remind you that at least the neuropathy isn't so bad that you can't feel your fingertips anymore...and that's definitely something to be grateful for! ;p