Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Snowmageddon 2010 - Were You Prepared?

This is my front door - and that's my snow shovel under all that snow!
I can't actually open my front door to get to said snow shovel, but I digress!
Photo courtesy of my iPhone

Well, the Blizzard is over - and I still can't physically get out or open my front door - I kid you not and see above pic.

The storm hit us hours earlier than expected and luckily, I was prepared -as was my checklist.
Back up insulin √
1 week supply of Daily Meds √
Extra Pump Supplies √
Extra testing supplies √
Extra Pump Batteries √
Toilet Paper √
Extra Vanilla Silk Soy Milk √
Extra Food, including but not limited too; bacon, eggs, 3/4 of an apple crisp pie from
Christmas, Christmas Cookies, Sweet Potato Biscotti, larabars, chicken, broccoli, green beans, hot chocolate,frozen blueberries, tangerines, Kashi Healthy Heart Cereal, Ezekiel Bread, Peanut Butter, Honey, Tea, Coffee, 1/2 & 1/2, Red Wine, Bottled H2O √
Flash Light/batteries √
List of Movies ready to be purchased On-Demand.√

But I have to admit folks, I hadn't really planned that this blizzard would pack such freaking wallop - I was just lucky that I had all my meds and supplies and had gone food shopping a few days before Christmas.

Diabetes or not, Mother Nature can screw with us royally - just because because she can! And every once in a while, girlfriend likes to remind us of that fact and flip her BitchSwitch! And I respect that and can totally relate, but I digress.

So, for those of you you who experienced Christmas Snowmaggedon 2010, were you prepared?
And for those of you who didn't experience it, would you have been prepared?


Cara said...

Because snow is so rare in TN, if it even mentions snow on the weather everyone rushes to Wal-Mart for milk, break, & toliet paper. No kidding. :P
We didn't get that much snow, but a couple of weeks ago we had a foot. I had gone to the grocery store the day before, so I was good.
I'm sorry you can't get out of your house!!!

Brenda Bell said...

We knew it was coming, so we went out early to brave the lines for the fill-ins (and additional insulation) we needed. The fellow behind me at BJ's had not been aware and was surprised at the long, long lines...

The Piquant Storyteller said...

My family and I went to Disneyland the week of Christmas where it downpoured rain for four of our five day trip. Parts of LA reported 14 inches of rain in 3 days. But rain is different from snow. You don't have to shovel rain and we were able to still have fun in Disneyland. Sorry you are quarantined in your house.

meanderings said...

D-supplies and meds are stocked up. Mostly because I've learned from reading yours and other blogs that it's not good to run out of that stuff.
Hope the door is openable by tomorrow!

Penny said...

We were prepared - kids already off from school. We ventured out to see a movie this afternoon - city streets were pretty clear considering we got 12". I heard that S NJ got walloped, sorry you were right in the eye of it Kelly. I was thinking of you as they showed the AC Boardwalk on the news!!! Glad you had food and supplies and movies!!!

Scott S said...

I was pretty much prepared, but did leave my parents' place in Connecticut a day early to get back home to NYC. In spite of being in the largest city in America, a snowplow still hasn't been down my street or any of the side streets as of 10:00 PM the day AFTER the storm and I expected to at least see one by now. Luckily, I can walk where I need to go and I was prepared, but it can be a hassle anyway. At least I could open my door! BTW, those of us with pets need to include pet food and kitty litter to the list .... Phyllis is lucky her owners are so well prepared!

Hallie Addington said...

Oh geez.... I'd like to THINK we would have been prepared. We would have had enough D stuff.... But probably no food! That was one heck of a snowstorm! I'm ready for summer!

Karen said...

We were fairly prepared . . . except for fresh vegetables. But chocolate is an acceptable substitute for vegetable, right? ;)

Haley said...

oh kelly i only got 4 inches! and by the time i got home from my trip it's been practically all melted =/