Friday, December 3, 2010

The DOC Awards Are Just Around The Corner.....

So I'm a little late at posting this, but you'll still be able to get your vote in before the deadline!

The DOC Awards have come around again after taking a hiatus for a few years, and YOU dear diabetesalicious reader, have the chance to vote for who you think should win a DOC Award, and in which category you think they should win in.
Speaking categories, this years are pretty trippy, and include:

Best Blog Design
Most Creative
Blogger Who We Wish Would Blog More
Funniest Blogger
Most Likely to Put You in a Good Mood
Best Commenter
Best Twitterer
Blogger with the Best Hair
Blogger You’d Share a Drink With
Best Photographer
Best Use of Bad Language
Best VloggerBlogger
Most in Need of Comment Love
Blogger I Most Want to Meet Offline

The last day to vote is Wednesday, December 8th, 2010.
For all the juicy details including; rules, regulations, and the email address to send your votes to (OK, I'll give you that- Send your votes to ) but still click HERE or for all the official rules and regs required for voting!

As for me, I have to start figuring out who gets what vote - like right now!
Hmmmmm, Blogger with the best hair???? Decisions, decisions, decisions.......


Lisa said...


Where do we submit our votes?

Ashley Rose said...

I've thrown my hat in the ring for Best Hair :D