Monday, February 14, 2011


And learn from each and every one of your diabetes points of view.

You rock my world on a daily basis,
And each of you has become a part of my diabetes oasis.

You make me laugh and sometimes cry
And most of the time, we see eye to eye.

You understand the diabetes highs and lows
The continual pricking of fingers, and watching out for stubbed toes.

I love you more than the most bolus worthy of treats
And I always look forward to all of our Diabetes D-Meets!

You came into my world and showed me that I'm not alone
That there are many of us, who sit on D Thrones.

And a special shout out to the parents of CWDs, for always showing me what my parents wouldn't let me see....
And superbly acting as your children's pancreas absentee.

The language of diabetes can be confusing and lonely at times
Diabetes as you know, can turn on a dime.

But knowing that I'm not the only one
Can sometimes make this bad-ass Diazon, come undone.

So thanks for the love, the support, the smiles and the laughs
And thanks for continually kicking diabetes ass!


Misty said...

That is great!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Confessions of an Honest Woman said...

Happy Valentines Day.. I love this post it made me laugh, and feel appreciation for you and the great posts you do, I have a lot of hope from reading your blog... together us diabetics can do anything!

Bob Pedersen said...

Happy valentine's day to you, too, Captainaliciousness! :)

Penny said...

We LOVES you too Kel! Happy Heart Day my dear friend!

Haley said...

Happy Valentines Day!
I loves you too!!

Lora said...

You guys are all so funny. I LOVE all the V-Day poems :)

Alexis Nicole said...

We loves you too!! Thank for always being here for all of us!! Happy valentines day K2!! Xoxo

Cherise said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Twin!

love you!

LaLa said...

LOVE IT!!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day, Pretty Lady!

Hallie Addington said...

I love this poem! More than bolus- worthy treats!! :) and I'm hoping we can have a diabete D- Meets at government day!! Hope you had a fantastic day!

Renata said...

Wonderful! Happy Valentines Day. (by the way I have to read the title in my Texan accent, makes it sound so much better)

Anonymous said...

Happy Heart Day, Kelly! Great D-Poem for V-Day! I may have missed the chance to stop by while the day was still in play, but I'm glad I made it by nonetheless... :)

Unknown said...

Right back at ya!