Friday, April 8, 2011

April Showers & Getting My Exercise Groove On!

As I look out the window on what should be a glorious, sunny spring day, I see gray clouds, a rain splashed window, and I unconsciously wrap my my thick and comfy gray cardigan tighter around my person. The very same cardigan I bought on sale for 80% off at Banana Republic thanks to my JDRF's Friends & Family 30% off coupon. Can you say: SCORE!!

Yes it's April, and of course I get the whole "April showers bring May flowers" thing, but I have to admit, I want me some Spring sunshine, NOW.

In my head I keep thinking of taking long walks along Kelly Drive (surprisingly, it's not named after me) and the beach & boardwalk. I think about riding my bike, maybe trying an outdoor yoga class or two , and I'm seriously considering purchasing some old school roller skates so I can get my ass in gear, both literally & figuratively!

I remember way back when, I would literally dance in the rain with my friends, I'd ride my bike in puddles - splashing and laughing along the way! But that was during the summer months and I was in my teens - I don't care what people thought because we were having fun!

And I still don't care if I look silly in the rain, but I hate exercising in the cold and rainy weather - I guess I'm not as tough as I used to be when it comes to the elements of nature!

But I need to get my exercise Mojo back where it needs to be this Spring - and nothing will stop me, not even a little rain!

So on this rainy April Day, when all thoughts go to sunshine & exercise, what plans to you have to get your Diabetes Exercise groove on this Spring?


Misty said...

I am so looking forward to some sunny days here too! Fortunately for me, my T1 daughter is only 7, so it is not hard to encourage her to exercise. In fact, she doesn't even know that she is exercising while she (like you) loves riding about on her bike with friends - rain or shine!

Karen said...

I'm with you on being so over jumping and splashing in the rain - it sure isn't as fun as it was when I was younger!! But I've been making a point to walk on my treadmill on rainy days. And a friend just asked about how I trained for my 5K last year, so I offered to start again from step one and train with her. Yay!!

my sweet girl said...

I am a runner and my Type 1daughter wants to go on runs with me, so this summer I plan to try to take her on some short runs. It will be a learning experience for both of us.