Friday, April 22, 2011

Diabetesaliciousness - Lite, 2011 Earth Day Edition!

Diabetesaliciousness - Lite, Earth Day Edition!

Happy Friday (a day that many celebrate the last day day of the traditional work week) and Happy Earth Day, the day in which we celebrate our planet and our attempts to be greener!

We all know that going green is a good thing for our planet,our environment, and our health. Less chemicals in our products & real foods on our plates make us healthier as a people and a planet!

This Earth Day, I plan on laying out my plans for this summer's veggie garden, picking up trash wherever I see it, seriously assessing how I can live a greener life.

Thanks to Earth Day, recycling has become second nature to us -which is a good thing, but it makes still makes me feel guilty in my day to day existence thanks to my diabetes paraphernalia.
I really wish that companies whose products that I count on to live, exist and thrive (I'm talking to you diabetes companies) would take the initiative and go more green. They could start by using less packaging, and they could follow many businesses examples of rewarding their customers on Earth Day.

Speaking of rewarding customers on Earth Day, here's a list of some free offerings in honor of Earth Day. Maybe next year some diabetes related companies will follow their lead !

Free Caffeine:
Starbucks: Bring your own travel mug to Starbucks and have it filled up for free today!
Peet's: Peet’s Coffee and Tea is giving patrons a free medium beverage, which includes tea, with a full price purchase of mugs and our beverage tumblers today.

SIDE BAR: Both Starbucks & Peet's give away their coffee grounds to customers for gardening/composting purposes. All you have to do is ask for them!

Is tea more your style? NO PROBLEM! Teas Etc. is having an Earth Day Tea Sale - save 20% on all teas and tea accessories, including their tea traveler, plus free shipping on orders of $60+ Sale ends Saturday night. Here's a link for promo codes/details:

Free Trees: Have you been planning on 'sprucing" up your garden and giving back some oxygen to your planet, but your budget has you refraining? No problem, Lowe's is giving away a 1 million trees today!
All you have to do is call your local Lowe's to make sure they're part of the offer. And if so, get on over there and go get your tree!! Click HERE for details!

A free copy of Planet Earth is available for downloading today on itunes !

Origins is making Earth Day worth your while. All you have to do is bring in a full size container (full or empty) of your current face cleaner and exchange it for their Checks & Balances or A Perfect World high performance face cleaner!
What do you plan on doing for Earth Day? Also, if you know of any Earth Day deals, feel free to post them in the comments section!


The DL said...

Thanks for all the ideas for the great deals today! I wonder if there really is a way to make our supplies greener...In a way I feel like supplies is not the place I want to skim on safety etc., but I would LOVE if there was a better way! What if we went somewhere to pick up the supplies as oppose to shipping? That cuts down on a lot of different things for the earth! I feel also we could get one less cap per tube for our pumps. I have SO many and I could def use about 100 less. lol.

Brenda Bell said...

It used to be that National Arbor Day Foundation would also give you free yearling trees to plant on your land.