Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Diabetes Travel To-Do

Pancreas courtesy of iheartguts.com

I’m going to San Diego for 3 days, but it might as well be a week, because when it comes to diabetes supplies, less is not more and there are always issues! I'm totally high maintenance - And I have no problem admitting it!

The travel questions my head are diabetes related indeed,
Diabetes and traveling are a challenge, and yet I still proceed.

1 box containing 10 pump infusion sets and are 6 insulin reservoirs enough?
Should I bring 1 full bottle of insulin or two?
Same question goes for the Symlin pens,
Will this diabetes travel madness ever end?

I’ve torn my office apart, looked all over but still can’t find, my Dr’s note explaining
All my issues endocrine!
Several hypodermics because you never know when that rare time will come around, that you might need to use them again.
An extra box of test-strips in my checked suitcase,
And another extra in my hand bag, and one in my carry-on... just in case.
And yes I'll admit that it's true, I’m starting to feel like a diabetes supply hoarder hag... Aren’t you??

A 4 pack of triple AA batteries on my person, kashi bars and gluco tabs too,
Have I missed anything on my “ Diabetes Travel To-Do?”

Carrying 7 days of meds just in case,
There’s no doubt my hotel will have diabetes supplies all over the place.

Such is life for the diabetes traveller you see,
Such is the life for the likes of you and me.

Diabetes won’t stop me from crossing time zones,
Diabetes won’t stop me from leaving my home.

I’ll board the plane with my pharmacy carry -on in hand,
All thanks to my faulty pancreas & Islet of Langerhans


Hallie Addington said...

I hear you, girl! We are returning from a 2 week vacation and you should seethe size of our supply bag!!!!!

The best partwaswhen the security guy asked if there was anything inside the bad that could hurt him. "uh.... Just lots of needles?!?". :)

Have fun!! Be safe!!

Anonymous said...

You make me want to pack a whole other suitcase just for D-Supplies.... :)) I've yet to finalize any thoughts on what needs to be packed and whether I'll be checking a bag or not. Maybe I should get on that. It's a Tuesday night task, I guess. But whatever the luggage and supply situation, I know I'll be in good company no matter how much crap I pack. See you soon, Kelly!

The DL said...

Fantastic poem! So true too. I hate having to pack supplies. I feel like I always forget SOMETHING. Good luck and have an amazing trip!

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Don't forget a bottle of water! Have an awesome trip!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Packing can be such a drag,
Good luck avoiding TSA red flags!
I hope your trip is fun, fun, fun,
Less about work and more about SUN!

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Always love someone who can be clever with words!

Unknown said...

My husbands famous last words every time we travel "home"- "we aren't going back for a month. It's a week, geezus." he stopped saying that when I went through 3 infusion sets(poor placement-boo!) and we had to rush 1.5 hours back to the city, where the rest of my supplies were.

I ALWAYS pack extra because there is no telling what could happen/go wrong when you have an external pancreas! He's gotten used to it now, 6 years later.