Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July ! Celebrate All Life's Freedoms & Victories - Diabetes & Other Wise!

Full Burst, Beach View -Photo via my iPhone

The 4th of July, if I was attending a magazine spread Fourth of July bbq~ Photo via Google

Bottle Rockets, Beach View-Photo via my iPhone

It's the July 4th, the day when Americans (and former British Subjects) celebrate our independence from England all those years ago.

It's a day of celebrating with BBQ's, fireworks, attending Main Street Parades, or in the backyards of friends & family and watching fireworks on the beach.

And it's a day when many of us take a little Diabetes Vacation - And Mine actually started last night.
My friends had a BBQ with all the traditional cookout fare. Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, homemade potato & tomato salad and everything else inbetween.

My job was to bring the peach pie & the Presecco - And I took my job seriously - And might I add, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

It been YEARS since I had potato salad on my plate, and even longer since I'd eaten an entire cheeseburger with said potato salad on the same plate, but last night I did both - And had a slice of peach pie.

I knew going in that the diabetes math would be a challenge - And I knew that there was a more than likely chance that my numbers would be off - And by off I mean like WAY OFF.
I told myself that as long as I tried my best and just as importantly, enjoyed my time with my friends, it was all going to be OK - regardless of the resulting numbers.

I yes indeed, Ithoroughly enjoyed myself, and did my best to figure out my extended bolus and temporary basal rate.

I had a great time with my friends, I laughed with their children, and I appreciated all the little moments in between.
When I got home last night and tested, it was obvious that I'd miscalculated something (s), and my blood sugar was 300.

But I didn't stress - Instead, I did a correction bolus and relaxed.
When I went to bed, my blood sugar was 199 & when I woke up this morning it was 78.
And I will admit that Yours Truly was a happy camper.
As far as I'm concerned, today is all about celebrating our independence from all types of freedoms & life's barriers -Including diabetes guilt.

So celebrate today, light your sparklers, enjoy your BBQ & your pie!

Be aware and celebrate all life's victories & Freedoms, both diabetes related and otherwise!
How are you celebrating your Independence Day?


Meagan said...

Happy 4th!!! Glad you had a little D vacation. Peach pie sounds SO good! Probably celebrating with a giant cheeseburger, beer & fireworks myself (the diet will just have to start tomorrow). What a great holiday!!! :D

Cara said...

A little d break every now & then is a good thing!i hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July Kelly!

Valerie said...

I'm glad you could enjoy yourself at the BBQ! It's good to take breaks from stressing about the results of your calculations--I just figure those are little lessons for the next time you eat that kind of stuff. Have a great 4th!

Penny said...

At the beach and freedom from logging for one week!!!
Happy 4th Kel!

Scott Strange said...

Happy 4th, K2!