Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Post: 6 Months Into Life With Diabetes - It's About Nicole!

Today's Guest host is Cheryl Kinnunen. I've never met Cheryl in real life, but she's my friend just the same.
We connected through her fantastical daughter Nicole. I met Nic 4 years ago when I was a speaker at DESA (Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association) nat'l meeting in Colorado Springs.
Nicole was there with her dad Vic, who's quite the the Athlete/dad/type 1. We hithit it off right of the bat - And spent a lot of time together that weekend - And we've kept in touch ever since!
Though I'll admit, I still haven't quite forgiven Nic for continually making fun of me for being afraid to jump off the high-dive. OK, I was running REALLY high blood sugars the whole time I was there ( I had no idea back than that high altitudes requires us to almost double our pump basal rates,) and just couldn't do it!

Nic still won't let me live it down!

Anyway, when Nic was diagnosed 6 months ago, Cheryl and I became friends and I'm so glad we are - She's an amazing D mom & friend!

Last month I asked Cheryl if she'd like to guest post. She marinated on it for a bit and then agreed.
I think you'll be pleased with the results. Take it away Cheryl !

Nic & Cheryl
First, let me say that I am beyond excited to be asked to post here on Kelly’s blog…after all, she is the Queen of Awesomeness!
When Kelly asked me about posting, I started thinking about our journey over the last 6 months since my daughter Nicole’s T1 diagnosis and how it has affected us. This is a diabetes blog after all, right?? But then Nicole stopped me in my tracks… By writing a paper for school about herself and science (diabetes, insulin, pumps—seems like a no-brainer huh?) she asked me, “Why does it always have to be about diabetes?” And you know what? She’s right!
So while this may be a little about diabetes…it’s really about my daughter.
Nicole will be 12 in a couple weeks. She is smart and beautiful—on the inside and out. She is a voracious reader…all she wanted for her birthday was a blue Animas Ping insulin pump and her own Kindle…she is getting both.
She is funny, sarcastic, and sometimes argumentative. She writes her own songs. She plays lacrosse. She is in Junior High and her room is a disaster. She always wants to wear more makeup than I will let her and she loves to use lots of emoticons when texting.
When she grows up, she wants to work for the FBI and profile serial killers with the BAU.
She is a good friend. She still teases Kelly about not jumping off the high dive four years ago.

Back then, Nicole was 7 and jumped of the high dive herself - NUMEROUS TIMES.
Oh, and, by the way, she has Type 1 diabetes. . She is an expert carb counter and has done all of her own pricks and injections since day 1. She saw the look on my face…that day in the doctor’s office…and asked me what the BG was. “504” She cried quietly… for a minute or two, while I held her in my arms…and she has never looked back.
I love her with every fiber of my being. She is my daughter and my hero and a person with diabetes. And I am so proud to be her mom!


Meagan said...

Beautiful post. I love that she takes charge of her own diabetes...way to go Nicole!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Cara said...

I love to read mom stories. Since I'm the "kid" with diabetes, I love to see what the other side thinks. This reminds me so much of the post my mom write for me blog this week.

Camille said...

Great post about a great girl! =0)

Unknown said...

I am a mascara girl!!!

Love that she wants to profile serial killers...NICE. She sounds simply unique and fabulous!

Great to read something from Cheryl. xo

victriabetes said...

Nicely done.

Unknown said...

I love this kid already :) She sounds like a combo of my three wrapped into 1!

Welcome to the DOC!