Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paying It Forward - A PWD Needs Our Help!

I'm at work and will be leaving for the hospital to see my mom in a few - And I will absolutely tell her that you're all continuing to sending positive thoughts, vibes & prayers!

Now, I have a PWD who NEEDS our help! A friend from childhood reached out via facebook last night and told me about a friend who's having major diabetes issues regarding supplies. I'm all about "paying it forward" and I know you are too!

Here's the Direct Message I got.

Kelly - If anyone knows what to do, I know you will! My friend is a TYPE I Diabetic..out of work 9 mos. no insurance..needs insulin and supplies for her pump... Any programs so she can get her meds? Her doctor has helped her but she is now down to one vial. She called Medicaid and they hung up on her. Any info is appreciated!!!!!!

I told my friend to tell her to reach out to the drug/pump companies and to also reach out to: ,, and Diabetic Rock Star. I also mentioned that she should reach out to both her local and state government representatives. I have the woman's email and have told her that I'm reaching out to you all.
Just waiting on her pump/teststrip/insulin (though any short acting insulin will do) info.

ANY advice that would point her in the right direction is greatly appreciated!

More info on all fronts to follow!!!

UPDATE: Still waiting on an address but for those of you emailing re: supplies/info, I will have one for you soon!
For those of you commenting - GREAT INFO and much needed for all of us!!!!

Leaving work now and heading towards hospital!

UPDATE: She uses a minimed Paradigm 522 -


Jamie said...

There's also the advocacy/support group based out of NY - ACT1Diabetes. They don't have insulin, but they definitely do donate test strips.

Plus, I have some extras that I could ship?

Also, I am SO glad to hear that your mom is improving!! Much love sent to you, your mom, and the rest of your family :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

If she had insurance before she is eligible for COBRA coverage. Everything is the same except she pays the premiums instead of her former company. COBRA can be a pain to get started but it's worth it. I believe the law says a person can use COBRA for 18 months. They should also backpay.

Jamie said...

And apparently there's Defeat Diabetes?
Just saw this link in the comments on the 'Mine's article on ACT1 Diabetes.

Cara said...

Contact the pump company directly about supplies. Contact for strips & insulin (it works, I've done it). Also can call The Dispensary of Hope 1888428HOPE or

Stephie said...

also contact the local JDRF office or ADA. I know my JDRF office has supplies on hand to give out.

Lana said...

What type of pump does she have? I have extra supplies if it's the right kind.
Lroghair (at) aol (dot) com

Unknown said...

Which pump does she have? I stock pile stuff for this exact reason and PLENTY of extras... amandadglover (at) gmail (dot) com.

tmana said...

While The Piquant Storyteller is correct about COBRA, unemployment insurance barely covers the premiums, and if you're out of work more than six months, you're out of unemployment insurance. Without money to pay the premiums, you're uninsured. (I'm in that same position right now.)

Alexis Nicole said...

Kelly I will add you to my group on FB also I can send some blood ketone strips if that helps, we use a different pump, and medicaid limits other supplies.

Please let me know!