Monday, November 28, 2011

Infusion Set Nirvana?? Not Even Close.

I don't know if it was because I was traveling, and by traveling, I mean driving 100+ miles, then catching a train to NYC, and arriving in Penn Station carrying my purple rolling suitcase and 8.5 lbs of diced squash slung over my shoulder in Wholefoods recyclable grocery bag.
Add to that the craziness of the city on the busiest travel day of the year, finally catching a cab but being stuck on 8th Avenue for a good 10 minutes before we went 10 blocks, and still had 30 to go, the frantic pace of celebrating/cooking/ hanging out with friends who are family and celebrating the first holiday without my mother, but I've been going through infusion sets like crazy the last 6 days!

Seriously, I've had to change my infusions almost daily during the Thanksgiving holiday.
And THANK GOD I brought plenty of extra sets with me, because between the deadspot issues and the infusion sets getting yanked and tugged, and a multitude of unknown reasons that have followed me since Wednesday, I absolutely could have been up Shits Creek without a paddle - Diabetes style.

Now the blood sugars related to said infusion sets were pretty good, except for Friday night and last night, but that's for another post.

So I guess what I'm asking is: Are my infusion set issues holiday related, running around the city like a chicken with out a head related, or is it just related to the wonderfulness of being me?

Anyone else have strange Diabetes issues, infusion set related or otherwise this past holiday weekend? Diabetesalicious minds need to know!


Unknown said...

We've had a plethora of high blood sugars for the past 2-3 weeks. So much so that I seriously thought I could be making it all up, and it was really all just a bad dream.

On Thanksgiving night, I yanked her site (for the millionth time since this crisis started) and filled her pump with Apidra. She hadn't ever used Apidra before, but I was at my wit's end -- and possibly slightly insane at that point.

In the past 3+ days, she's spiked over 300 twice, and has spent the majority of her time between 80-150. If this is a dream, now I don't want to wake up!!!!!!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Oh yes...pinging into the 400s for no good reason after turkey & then again on Friday night. Convinced my D is trying to make the new endo hate me :/

Unknown said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! I've seen the 300+ mark more than I'd like this past week. I think D is really trying to show out for Diabetes Awareness Month.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I am sorry you have gone through this, so have I and it is nice to know I am not the only one.

I am not offering advice, (I often find advice annoying), but I will share what worked for me.

I was using my hips and butt, (I am pear shaped, and switched to my arms and things seem to have gotten better. I am still holding my breath, but it seems like when I take insulin it is actually being delivered and working!

It is so frustrating to do the right things and still get crappy results. Times like these make me HATE diabetes and really resent how much time and energy it steals.

I am hoping you have better luck with your sites ASAP, and thanks for letting me vent!

Mike said...

My odd numbers this weekend had little to do with traveling (I only drove 50 miles to mom & dad's) and more to do with the huge amounts of stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and pie. :)

I'm thankful Thanksgiving comes just once a year.

Kerri. said...

Holidays + travel = chaos. No matter how you infuse it. ;)

Mike Hoskins said...

Apparently, there's something in the air everywhere. Highs and infusion set/site issues on this end, too. No matter -> Diabetes, we own you. Not the other way around. No matter what you may think or be trying to prove.