Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th - World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day. A day when people living with diabetes(and their families,) wave their diabetes freak flag high in the air and wear blue, advocate for diabetes awareness, celabrate the fact that they are indeed living, and continue to push for a diabetes cure.
And even though it's World Diabetes Day, those of us living with diabetes don't get to catch a break from diabetes.
We still have to test and inject, and unfortunately, we still have to deal with the diabetes blood sugar highs and lows.
Today while rocking a spiffy Banana Rebuplic blue fitted shirt and my "Act On Diabetes Now," bracelet , I still have to carry extra test strips, a spare infusion set, glucose tabs and a vile of insulin on my person. Today I woke up with a 79 blood sugar even after going to bed with a 163. And right now I'm at work with a blood sugar of 93 that's quickly heading south. My diabetes much like yours, never takes a holiday.
There are others in the world living with diabetes who worse off than I. And I am OUTRAGED by that fact.
And like you, I am working to change that.
Every year, more positive changes happen regarding the global awareness of World Diabetes Day..
Even this morning, my local newspaper ran an article about Diabetes and Dementia and how controling blood sugars was so important in the prevention of dementia for people with diabetes. And the article actually differentiated between type 1 and type 2. YES, they left out 1.5, but at least it's a start.
And when I checked my inbox this morning, I had an email from a type 3 friend who teaches in China, wishing me a "Happy D-Day!" My friend went on to write that she was wearing turquise blue shirt in our honor. And as I began to read others blog posts, each one reinforced the fact that our wonderful and amazing Diabetes On-Line Community was making a difference!
Yes, we still have a long way to go, but little ripples make big waves that lead to a changing world that'swashed in blue.
A world when the day we celbrate World Diabetes Day, is the a day that represents the aniversary of the day that a diabetes cure was found.


Mike Hoskins said...

Great post, K2. Thank you for sharing this and making such big blue waves that make a difference.

Sara said...

Such a great point K2!

Sometimes I get discouraged about only making little ripples but you make a great point that our ripples together can make some pretty impressive waves!

Sysy said...

Great way to put it :)