Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Diabetesalicious Holiday Observations

My advice: She won't so don't~

If you're carrying insulin in your handbag, don't put said handbag down near heaters or radiators. Slow boiling insulin is not a good thing.

If you happen to be blowing a 56 blood sugar and Starbucks is right in front of you, a Starbucks "Short" Hot Chocolate works wonders and it's not scalding hot so you can drink REALLY fast.

Those little holiday Clementine oranges are the perfect carb count. 8.89 grams to be exact!

Counting the number of holiday sweaters you see is a great exercise for both your brain and what not to wear.

Silk Seasonal Flavors are really tasty and are much lower in carbs than regular eggnog and the likes there of. My favorite is the Pumpkin Spice, which also happens to be the highest in carbs of the Silk Holiday trio. Which is OK, because it's still less calories & carbs than traditional eggnog.

It's official, I'm not so great at wrapping gifts.

Both Lifetime & The Hallmark Channel REALLY need to step their Christmas made for TV movie play list. If I see "Christmas Magic" or "A Dad For Christmas" airing one more time, I'm going to flip my bitchswitch! And for the record, I don't watch that much TV.

forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't "The Elf On The Shelf" breaking all sorts of stalking laws?


Lala Jackson said...

1. Counting the number of holiday sweaters you see is a great exercise for both your brain and what not to wear = hilarious

2. AWESOME info on the Silk Seasonal Flavors. I shall go get myself some today.

Kim said...

I freaking LOVE those clementine oranges.

Brenda Bell said...

Hmm... holiday sweaters are only appropriate on the few days leading up to the holiday, holiday parties (they go really well with reindeer antler headbands and Santa hats), and visiting family on Christmas morning. The Christmas ties, on the other hand...

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

I knew there was a reason that Elf made me nervous!! ;)

Mike Hoskins said...

So, wait a sec? I shouldn't be wearing this holiday sweater, while eating clementines and watching Holiday in Handcuffs? Oh boy. This changes everything.

RT said...

Well, I bought a Hoover Vaccuum yesterday. Not to go under the tree, but to clean up pre-tree.

RT said...

Got my Hoover yesterday. It won't be under the tree.

Girl Schmuck said...

I am the weirdo who likes a new Hoover for Christmas. I also like any new Kitchen appliance under the tree. There happens to be two new kitchen gadets under the tree right now. But I also love gift cards.

Oh and boiling insulin. OUCH. Here in Florida we don't have that problem until Summer. Btw its 80 here today, could you blow some cold air down here? "It's beginging to look a lot like Christmas", Does not apply here.