Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Has Just Started & I've Already Learned New Things - Like Cupcakes Can Be Musical~

So far the lessons I've learned in 2012 are as follows.

1. Some cupcakes can be musical~

In Philadelphia, Musical Cupcakes Lead Mummers down Broad St~

2. Lobster Ravioli is doable, but Lobster Ravioli and tiramisu????? Not so much.

3. It's easier to start the day off with an orange than I previously thought. Normally, fruit in the morning (except for berries) can mess with my blood sugars numbers, but a medium and or small size orange (Think Clementines, Velencias & Temple) with my yogurt don't seem to make my numbers all bonkers.
I've been experimenting with the orange with breakfast thing since Saturday, but so far I'm impressed.
Why am I adding an orange to my daily diet? Well, there's the Vitamin C thing, but there's also the calcium, fiber and trying to get my 5 servings daily of fruit and veggies thing. So yeah, all around it's a win, win situation.

4. I walk much faster in cold weather than I do in hot. Brisk walks = more calories burned, better blood sugars and take much less time then slow, "Africa Hot" type walks do. THINK ABOUT IT.

5. I've rediscovered my love of both Blueberry & Tangerine (what's with the orange love as of late? Seriously, I think I'm becoming obsessed) Celestial Seasonings tea.

6. The thermal coffee cup I bought at TJMaxx for Christmas works REALLY WELL. So well in fact that I nearly burned the roof of my mouth this morning!

7. Doorknobs are still toying with me in the new year - No surprise there.

How's your 2012 working out so far?


Unknown said...


No new epiphanies over here.

Yet :)

Rachel said...

Love that Blueberry Tea!!

Sara said...

Happy 2012!

Diabetes is trying to mess with my resolutions. I am, of course, trying to exercise more. Yesterday I had to eat a ton to get my bg up high enough and today I have been fighting a monster headache.

I will win though!